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Electric Sedans

Romig, Hilary

Integrating efficiency and technology is the key to these 100% electric cars. The following vehicles may be used for an everyday vehicle or may be transformed into a compact, efficient police unit. Read More

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New Goodyear Eagle RS-A for Tahoe PPV

Police Fleet Manager Staff

The Tahoe PPV is a demanding application. This SUV is a heavy vehicle with a high horsepower / high torque engine, and a high center of gravity (roll center). The new Eagle RS-A has been beefed-up in five different ways to give the best overall performance from this popular police vehicle. Read More

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2017 F-250 (Aluminum) Super Duty

Police Fleet Manager Staff

Ford has totally re-engineered their F-series Super Duty pickups with an aluminum body and aluminum bed and a new high-strength steel frame. We focused on the F-250 Super Duty, which is one big step up from their F-150. The maximum tow/haul capacity is higher, the cabs have more space, the engines are stronger. Read More

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How to Choose Consoles & Mounts

Brad Brewer

Two key pieces of equipment make or break the vehicle’s mobile office: the equipment console between the two front seats and the mobile computing mount. Here are tips for selecting each. Read More

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Alternate Energy and Fuels

John Bellah

The first rule of green vehicles is that everything is a trade-off. The second rule is there is no free lunch. However, there are many, many options along with thought prompters for each. Read More

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