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Secure Countywide Data Sharing in the Amazon GovCloud

Tillotson, Myles

How Bucks County, Penn. is setting a new standard for real-time, cost effective, and IT-lean information sharing in the cloud. Read More

    9.0 Rating  /  4409 Views  /  0 Comments

The Future of LMR Radio Systems

Romig, Hilary

Will LTE replace P25 LMR radio systems in the near future? What are the new developments with LMR? What technologies are trending for public safety communications? Read More

    Not Rated  /  6935 Views  /  0 Comments

Electrical Systems & Parasitic Loads

Smith, Howard

From unseen current draws to battery recharge times Read More

    Not Rated  /  1772 Views  /  0 Comments

Mobility Brings Real-Time Visibility to the Scene

Kottoor, Alex

Here is a rundown on the benefits of mobile devices and how they can better inform public safety agencies to know more efficiently what is happening right now in the field. Read More

    Not Rated  /  11794 Views  /  0 Comments

Upgrade Regional Communications Systems and Infrastructure

Murphy, Ken

Several of the Southern California public safety agencies upgraded their regional communications systems and infrastructure from top to bottom. This upgrade included an improvement in two-way radio batteries. Read More

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