Data911 Multi-Function Display Interface System

Statistics show many hundreds of police officers are involved in collisions each year, resulting in injuries and even death. However, the current data collected on these traffic accidents doesn’t show the reality of how these officers are hurt. The cause of most injuries is related to all the equipment and accessories in the police car. Sometimes it comes from the officer being distracted while using his/her computer to look up a suspect or driver’s record. Sometimes the computer becomes a lethal weapon during a crash.

Considering all the elements involved, such as computers and mounts, gun racks, radar antenna, ALPR, in-car video and e-printers, combined with powerful vehicle airbags, it’s easy to see how dangerous the cockpit of a police car can be in the event of a collision. However, when the officers take the right precautions, a cleaner, safer cockpit environment is achievable without reducing productivity or compromising ergonomics.

Data911 is a company that seeks to make the needs of law enforcement’s job safer and smarter. Data911 understands the need for affordability and their new product provides a solution to real world problems with a realistic price point. Data911 enables almost every department affordability to outfit an entire fleet with four of their Ultra Compact HD IP external cameras, mounted in strategic places throughout the vehicle. Each of the four cameras connects to a Digital Video System with a single Ethernet cable.

Months before the product became available, Data911 allowed State and Local Police, Fire and EMS agencies a test run of their TX1 Rugged Tablet PC, proving the versatile slim Docking Station is exactly what all organizations were looking for and well worth the wait.

Recently, Data911 launched a first of its kind high-quality HD ALPR fully integrated in-car computer and video system package, with a cost less than the stand-alone analog ALPR products, making a fleet-wide implementation possible.

Data911’s new Multi-Function Display Interface enhances any Windows-driven laptop, tablet, or comparable mobile device with a USB port using the device as the main CPU source. Moreover, it includes Data911’s sunlight-readable, rugged LED M7+ multi-touch screen display. Data911’s multi-touch screen configures to access any hardware device regardless of whether or not the CPU is multi-touch screen equipped. Data911’s display is dependable and warrantied for up to 10 years. 

A safer cockpit environment is a huge benefit of the product. The MDI mounts in the glovebox, under the seat, in the trunk, or any location that doesn’t interfere with the driver or passenger. The dash-mounted display is ergonomically optimized and airbag-compliant. The CPU source is easily placed anywhere in the vehicle, making it a key safety aspect. It won’t pose a danger to the officers, and the in-car system continues to function normally. An officer can step outside the vehicle while using the portable device without compromising the system’s performance.  Data911’s MDI unit is hot dockable, which means rebooting isn’t necessary when removing the CPU device.

Data911’s showcases their dedication to developing mobile solutions that are tailor-made for public safety with the MDI system. Public safety agencies now have a range of usage opportunities with Data911’s flexible new tablet docking options. They developed one of the slimmest vehicle docks on the market. Data911 offers three versions. Two are for the vehicle and one for desktops. They include two different profile configurations for cars, which provide lock and latch for stability and safety.

Armed with feedback from the various agencies that tested the features and functions, Data911 used the most valuable information to create the new 12-inch M7+ Display. The zero bezel (edge-to-edge) multi-touch screen was essential for this sunlight-readable, fixed mount display.

Data911 has 32 years of development, design, and manufacturing experience. This mobile solutions provider serves the public safety market. Their goal is to keep field personnel, and command staff informed, efficient, and safe. Data911 provides the latest in technology always taking cost and safety into consideration.


Tina O’Reilly is a professional freelance writer. Her interests include side-chair true crime solving, walking the ocean shore, and running with her three dogs. She can be reached through

Published in Law and Order, Oct 2016

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