Custom Research
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Custom Research

Hendon Media's custom research encompasses both qualitative and quantitative research projects including mail studies, telephone studies, Web-based studies and focus groups. You can rely upon Hendon Media's experience to identify the best method for conducting the research and for compiling and presenting the results.

Reader Insight Survey

Our standard turnkey program allows you to quickly and effectively survey Hendon Media subscribers to gather insight about any number of topics. The program includes questionnaire design (up to 10 close-ended questions), e-mail blasts, list rental, project management and tabulation reports.

Brand Awareness Survey

This research can provide insight into the mindshare of your brand in a particular category, vis-à-vis other brands and how likely your target is to consider your brand for purchase.

Focus Group

Work with our research team to design a program that will get you the answers you need for your next product launch, product upgrades, advertising and brand awareness campaigns and more.

Purchase Process Survey

Fine-tune your marketing when you understand how your customers make purchase decisions, brand selection and the most-critical factors leading to purchase.

Technology Adoption Survey

Among your target audience, determine the drivers and barriers of technology adoption.

Please contact Peter Kingwill for more information on customized research.
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