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There are three different types of insert available. Each has advantages in a given situation. They are:

Bind-In: The most common type of insert wherein the preprinted piece is actually bound in to the magazine. The advantage to this type of insert is that it is affixed to the publication and will be seen by all subsequent readers beyond the subscriber. It is also the most cost effective of the inserts as there is little extra production required to accomodate a bind-in insert.

Tip-In: A Tip-In insert is a stand alone item which is attached to one of the publication's printed signatures. It is attached with removable glue so the piece can be removed from the publication for later use or follow up. The size of the final printed piece can be no larger then 7.625 X 10.875.

Magna-Strip: This type of insert is first attached to a perforated strip and then bound into the publication. Generally this is used with items that are printed on lighter stock or are an odd size. Contact your advertising sales representative for more details on this type of insert.

Printing and Pricing

Printing: Hendon Media Group can print your insert for publication in a given issue. In most cases we can produce it much quicker and cost effectively than a local print house due to the overall volume we print in a year. If you are interested in receiving a quote please contact you sales representative and they will be happy to provide one to you. We will need to know the following before we can proceed with a quote: Quantity, Number of Pages, Trim Size, and Stock you wish to utilize.

Pricing: All inserts must be quoted individually due to the multitude of variables involved. Contact your sales representative for pricing information and availability.

Shipping Instructions

Please mark all packages with the name of the magazine into which it will be inserted and which issue (month) it is to be placed. All inserts must be shipped prepaid to:

Sheila Ford
Publishers Press - LJ Plant
13487 S Preston Hwy
Lebanon Junction, KY 40150
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