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Technology is quickly changing many industries including law enforcement. With the demand for more on-the-go tactics, the use and engineering of mobile printers has skyrocketed. While some mobile printer companies have been issuing standard printers that fit most of the populations needs, a few companies have been focusing their engineering designs on law enforcement and fleet vehicle needs.

New rulings in most states now include the mobile printer size that a police unit should be equipped with. In order to accommodate this new law, mobile printer companies are manufacturing a variety of police-specific printers. Since these companies are basing their products off of these needs, the following companies give law enforcement agencies plenty of options.


The Mobile Office

Mobile printers are highly advanced and must be engineered to accommodate many factors such as Internet connectivity, the ability to print from a unit computer as well as be able to print in all types of temperature changes. Mobile printers rely on firmware that is embedded instead of software that other devices use to operate. Printek mobile printers, for example, include an operating system as well, which gives the printer a higher power and heightens the speed of printing.

In addition, most mobile printers work with the software that comes from the end user. For instance, an officer using a mobile printer within a unit can utilize e-citation software or could print a PDF file, an image or any other type of document if it is e-mailed to them by the department. Each of these printing companies has made it their mission to manufacture products that assist not only citizens but law enforcement personnel also.


Brother Mobile Solutions

Brother Mobile Solutions has been a provider of mobile printers for public safety agencies nationwide. Among their mobile printer options is the PocketJet full-page printer. “This model is the smallest, most compact full-page printer on the market,” said Mary Howard, Senior Manager of Marketing and Communications for Brother Mobile Solutions. 

The PocketJet has a print head of 8.5 inches wide. Using thermal technology, it does not need ribbons, ink, or toner in order to print successfully and effectively. Though it is a full-page printer, it is also a space saver since it requires little room to install. The PocketJet is also compatible with PC or Mac computer systems.

A replaceable Lithium-ion battery that is also rechargeable is available for the printer as well. Officers can easily set up their workspace with the easy connectivity provided by the USB interface standard. Particular models offer certain type of Internet options; there are Apple AirPrint, WiFi, or Bluetooth options available.

Also available by Brother is the RuggedJet 4. When it comes to 4-inch mobile thermal printers, this mobile printer is a leader in this area of the industry. The RuggedJet 4 is ideal for printing out e-citations, e-violations, and can even print labels up to 4-inch-wide for evidence or warning label purposes.

An optional magnetic card reader is also available with the printer. The magnetic card reader allows officers to verify licenses and process credit cards if need be. Due to its size, it may be conveniently mounted into a police vehicle or carried. The RuggedJet 4 is known for its speed and its durability as well.

These printers may be easily mounted into any vehicle as well. “Both the RuggedJet 4” and the PocketJet, full-page printer, come with a wide variety of mounts available through our authorized resellers,” Howard said. “Mounts include armrest, headrest, dash mount, glove box mount, and even a ceiling mount.”

Brother is fairly new to the public safety market but extremely well known on the greater printer market. That said, they have been able to come up with options, which are ideal for the use in fleet vehicles. Their overall manufacturing experience spans more than 60 years when it comes to printers and copiers in general.

“The leap to serving mobile and field service markets (including public safety) with compact, lightweight truly mobile printers was a natural progression.” Since their mobile printers are made with durability in mind, this factor made designing mobile printers for police officers an easy concept. Each product designed was made with improved technology as well as rugged durability in mind. “Our mobile printers are engineered to withstand extreme temperatures, the rigors of in-cab field use, and have the size and power supply specs that make them perfect for cop cars and public safety needs.”

These high-tech, high-efficiency items allow agencies to significantly cut down on costs in a variety of ways. For instance, law enforcement agencies no longer have to budget for accessory costs in addition to the base cost of the printer. This is because most of the new printers developed for police fleet use in particular do not use inkjets in order to print.

This feature alone cuts down on both maintenance and monetary necessity since the only added requirement for these particular mobile printers is paper. Budgets are often tight among agencies and to have a printer that is versatile, mobile, and does not require much maintenance are all very positive aspects.


Primera Technology

Primera Technology offers a wide variety of mobile printer options among their product catalog. In addition, they offer printers that are specifically designed for public safety personnel. “We introduced the Primera Trio to the public safety market at IACP,” said Jennifer Loegering, Marketing Manager of Primera Trio. This particular model is the smallest and lightest portable printer in the world. The Primera Trio weighs a mere 2.6 pounds, making it easy to carry and transport.

Additionally, this printer is capable of performing a variety of tasks, making it an all-in-one printer. “The main benefits of our printer over others in the market is that it is a high-resolution, full-color printer.” It is able to print photos in high quality and prints at a full sheet of paper. Its size is also convenient within the police vehicle as it does not require too much space. Space is always a point of concern when it comes to maintaining efficiency within a police unit.

The Primera Trio printer is also compatible with a variety of mounts. “A mount for the Primera Trio is available in several versions including headrest, console, and wall,” Loegering stated. These particular mounts have been custom designed by LEM Solutions. Each designated mount will fit the printer; the mount the customer chooses will depend on their particular needs or where it would fit best within their vehicle.

One mount in particular for this printer is able to fit well in most fleet vehicles. The mount comes with a mounting bracket, 12Volt DC power plug, and a roll-fed paper mechanism that is built in.

In order to power the Primera Trio, an option of purchasing a lithium ion battery is available. Another option is the rugged AC power adapter, which is made by LIND. These make the printer reliable and long-lasting when it comes to overall use. For police officers, the longevity of a battery life is very helpful since charging the device is not always a convenient or timely task.

Additional bonus features on the Primera Trio are the copying and scanning options.  “Scanning is a beneficial feature if an officer needs to scan a document or a color photo,” Loegering noted. They can then e-mail it or print it out.” Being able to print or scan any document from any location is extremely convenient.

The Primera Trio is a high-resolution printer that is able to print up to 4800dlp. This feature enhances the overall printed document and brings it to a higher standard. Law enforcement personnel can print out photos, AMBER alerts, and any other type of document and still maintain the integrity of the document or photo.

Able to withstand almost any temperature, the Primera Trio is made with a silicone rubber wiper inside that makes the printer both durable and effective in any weather. Due to the fact that police vehicles are often subjected to various types of weather, the silicone rubber wiper helps the Primera Trio last longer for the user.



PrintekMobile has been manufacturing mobile printers for 30 years. The use of mobile printers within emergency vehicles such as law enforcement units has steadily increased. “Mobile printers in police cars are becoming a hot trend because of the need to print speeding tickets and citations,” said Chris Yeager, Marketing Director of Printek. This is due to the use of eCitations and electronic ticketing within many agencies.

With technology advancing, police units are installing more devices that make policing quick, efficient, and easy to use. “Other documents such as crash reports and driver exchanges are popular as well.” These mobile printers come in sizes that accommodate certain rulings within state law requirements. Most states require a 4- or 8-inch printer. For example, Wisconsin has a mandate that an eCitation can only be printed on an 8-inch printer.

PrintekMobile offers two 4-inch printers. The FieldPro RT 43 and the VehiclePro 400, which is a new product. The VehiclePro 400 is particularly unique because it is the only printer available on the market that is able to mount into the center console, making it space efficient within the vehicle. “This particular printer was made with law enforcement in mind,” said Russ Corace, Executive VP of Engineering for PrintekMobile.

PrintekMobile also offers a full-page printer, the Interceptor 800, which is also 8-inch. This printer makes printing off any type of report convenient and does not limit officers to tickets and crash reports. Having the opportunity to do virtually any type of police report including printing out documents for court allows law enforcement personnel to work directly from their vehicle. The Interceptor 800 also adheres to the standards for police vehicle printers.

“Our full-page printers have allowed SWAT teams to attain all of the necessary information for an operation,” Yeager commented. Command vehicles equipped with the full-page printer are even able to print out the schematics of the building during the operation.

Another unique feature regarding PrintekMobile printers is they are each thermal, allowing durability and use in all temperatures. “These printers also do not require ink or toner cartridges, which means no mess,” Yeager said. Not having to rely on toner and ink also cuts down significantly on costs, making it easy to maintain budget.

Mounting these printers into the vehicle is also convenient since the company offers a variety of mounts. Most police units will have a console that is ideal for setting up computers or gun mounts. While this area could potentially be used for mobile printers as well, Printek has developed other mounts that leave the console area free for other devices. For the RT 43 and the Interceptor 800, there are headrest mounts, arm rest mounts, and headliner mounts.

“Our headliner mounts have the capability to mount certain printers upside down,” Corace explained. Mounting the printer upside down keeps the rest of the vehicle free for other electronic devices. Their most popular mobile printer mounts are their headliner mounts, armrest mounts, and their headrest mounts. One example of the headliner mount is the RT 43 Universal Headliner Mount Kit. Each PrintekMobile printer can be easily mounted with a corresponding mount.

All these companies offer reliable items that help to make each task that much more efficient, and keep costs at a moderate rate. With the ability to utilize police vehicles even more by installing additional technology into the unit, officers are able to complete everyday tasks that traditionally were completed within a department, in their own vehicle. This is a positive feature for departments that cover a wide range of ground or patrol in more rural areas. As technology advances, these printer options improve and meet the needs of customers, bringing suitable options for every situation.

Published in Police Fleet Manager, Sep/Oct 2016

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