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When police departments look into mobile office solutions, the Havis brand typically comes to the forefront. This is due to their broad portfolio, which includes a vast amount of vehicle-specific options. Havis makes an effort to take a consultative approach to provide versatile solutions and as a result, they solve some of the most unique in-vehicle challenges.

“Havis product lines are always evolving, as we strive to remain an industry leader in innovation and provide products to maximize mobile worker productivity with comfortable solutions, built to the highest safety standards, with a focus on quality,” said Heather Miller, Marketing Manager of Havis. 

While some Havis products may seem similar to other items in the market, they are under constant development as well as the upgrading of current lines. New products are released based on industry demand, as well as internal innovation. Recently, there has been a demand for reliable yet space-saving options in fleet vehicles, which is an issue many Havis products can solve.  

The latest products from Havis offer a new freedom of mobility to users. Since in-vehicle equipment such as laptops, tablets, printers and other similar devices can become projectiles in the event of an accident or sudden stop, it is imperative to keep those devices as secure as possible. Having a high-quality docking solution allows the equipment to be mounted in a secure position and still maintain functionality through rugged or rough driving conditions. 


Touch Screen Display

Among their newest products is the Havis Touch Screen Display. This device is lightweight and can be mounted directly onto the dashboard. It is easy to use and makes for an efficient workspace. “The Touch Screen Display provides the user control of the computing device, operating elsewhere, ideally docked and mounted in the trunk,” Miller stated.

The capacitive technology used with this product allows for multi-touch operation. The Touch Screen Display may be combined with one of the new, corresponding Havis C-DMM-2000 Series Vehicle Specific Dash Mounting Kits provided by Havis. These particular mounts include a unique hinge and adaptor, which allows the monitor to lift, tilt, swivel, and rotate for better viewing and OE panel access. HDMI and USB cords are included so there is both internal and external connectivity capability to interface with the user’s device.

The C-DMM-2000 series is made specifically for the dash and is currently available for several police fleet vehicles including the 2013-2016 Ford Police Interceptor Utility, 2013-2016 Ford Police Interceptor Sedan, 2015-2016 Chevrolet Tahoe, 2015-2016 Dodge Charger Pursuit, 2015-2016 Ford Transit, and the 2015-2016 Ford F-150. 

The Touch Screen Display functions essentially as an external monitor and the user mounts the actual computing device remotely, which maximizes space within the vehicle cabin. The space-saving attribute is an especially helpful feature for law enforcement personnel in particular. Since more and more technology and equipment are required in public safety vehicles, the necessity for maximum efficiency as well as space has become critical.

This mounting solution also keeps them operating in case of any power spikes. The intent of this element is to protect the worker and keep the expensive hardware intact. The docking stations made by Havis also integrate port replication that is intelligent; this feature provides reliable access to power and peripherals and decreases the chance for accidental disconnection.


Rugged Keyboard

Havis has also recently released their own Rugged Keyboard and Rugged Keyboard Mount (patent pending). The keyboard features include a red LED backlight that uses minimal power, 86-key functionality with an additional one-touch emergency key, as well as 12 function keys.

Additionally, the Keyboard Mount (patent pending) is unique because it meets NEMA 4X specifications for weatherproof and corrosion resistance, and features one-hand control of the smooth slide and easy eject buttons. Havis Flex Arm Mounts are also an ideal option for keyboard mounting, which are available in package form to fit particular vehicle models.


Trunk Solutions

Havis has new trunk mounting solutions, which secure and organize the PC, laptop or tablet, as well as other in-vehicle equipment. They have multiple vehicle-specific trunk mounts, as well as universal options and side-compartment storage boxes. Their slide-out trunk trays are available in heavy duty or medium duty. 

Havis offers numerous equipment trays, including fold up, fold down, slide feature, and even a unique double decker option. With the right trunk mount, you can optimize storage space and provide a clean, safe and secure mounting surface for expensive radio and communications equipment. They offer different configurations to best meet the needs for trunk space and equipment mounting.

“Havis knows ergonomics and comfort extend beyond traditional issues in a vehicle, including lighting and situational awareness,” Miller said. The company takes these elements to the next level by designing products to reduce mental and physical fatigue, eyestrain, sore muscles, and joints. By reducing each of these bodily stresses, it helps reduce user downtime. 

“Through product evolution, comes constant new ways to improve on former ideas,” Miller commented. Many of these ideas and designs are new concepts that are not even available on the market, as room for ingenuity is constant in the business. The company takes into consideration consistent innovative product development for customers as customer satisfaction is a top priority.

As departments increasingly adapt Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), e-ticketing, video capture, and records management, they require not only the use of laptops mounted in vehicles, but also printers, mag stripe readers, antennas, and numerous other peripherals. “Professional installation is a key factor to consider upfront in mobile office solutions as well,” Miller noted.

Havis features a variety of solutions such as screen blanking, prisoner and K9 transports, diverse computing and mounting offerings, and even products made specifically for motorcycles. Havis has many other solutions to choose from depending on the customers’ vehicle, computing needs, job requirements, and the specific equipment they use. The development, design, or redesign of products comes from within the Havis organization. This team is made up of top-notch professionals who excel in design and engineering.

However, Havis also heavily relies on external feedback from users. By combining internal ideas with outside feedback, the end product is unique and user-friendly. Havis is ISO 9001:2008 certified (a rigid, manufacturing quality control standard) and has numerous internal processes to ensure the quality of their products.

Published in Police Fleet Manager, Sep/Oct 2016

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