Performance Friction Brakes

The Performance Friction Corporation (PFC) is known for their reliable and durable braking systems that are each designed specifically for racing vehicles, school buses, military, and fleet vehicles to name a few. Their emphasis is on being extremely cost-efficient for the fleet market. The company is a world leader in brake technology using CarbonMetallic, ZeroFailures, and ZeroDrag.


Fleet Brake Pads

For fleet vehicles in particular, the Performance Friction Corporation has come out with fleet brake pads that are now CarbonMetallic and are extremely cost-efficient. This item is now available for Ford Transit and Transit Connect vehicles. These newly improved brake pads are also capable of high performance and have excellent, strong stopping power making the driving and braking experience convenient.

In addition, these brake pads are wear-resistant and have an extended life span due to their corrosion resistance that is used on other products. Investing in these particular brake pads will save money over time. In addition, these brake pads are able to decrease brake screech noise.

Also available are medium-duty retrofit discs. This ZeroFailures item is equipped with an isolated tone ring that has protective plating to prevent corrosion. The disc is made with an alloy ring, which may improve signal strength.

Fleet Rotors and Calipers

Fleet rotors are another durable product item from the company. These are made differently from others that are similar in their inventory for other types of vehicles. These innovative fleet rotors last longer. The initial cost for the rotor may be slightly higher; however, it is long-lasting, making it cost-efficient and a good investment. In addition, these fleet rotors are designed to improve fuel mileage and have low thermal distortion with wear. Having reliable rotors with the added bonus of reducing fuel cost is an ideal fit for fleet cars.

Calipers are also among the vehicle product line for select fleet cars. These are equipped with a zero-drag brake system, which equal out to a much lower cost-per-mile. Using the same technology as other products from Performance Friction, these also have an extended life and excellent stopping power.

Police fleet units are often expected to enter terrain and conditions that are harsh and quite rough on the vehicles themselves. In addition, their entire framework is made to operate utilizing multiple channels at once and must be durable as well. Having the right components in fleet vehicles makes all of the difference in durability and performance.


Anti-Corrosion Pads

Some of the most impressive items are the anti-corrosion brake pads. This is an innovative product among their fleet vehicle products. Their anti-corrosion pads are resistant to corrosion and have a protective coating that is excellent when it comes to stability and long life. The company has gone above and beyond to test this particular product to ensure durability.

These anti-corrosion pads were subjected to a salt spray solution as well as extreme temperature conditions. The results were positive with no coat peeling and little to no rust. In addition, this particular product is tested at varying degrees of use. This test shows how the pads hold up over time and road wear. Since fleet vehicles endure a variety of conditions, the company has ensured these brake pads have three times the average protection, three times the heat resistance, and is overall three times more reliable than some competitive products.

It is crucial to implement parts that are made to withstand any condition and will last longer in order to accommodate budgets. With a company mission that strives to manufacture items that are made to outlast all conditions and give the best possible performance, the Performance Friction Corporation is a reliable choice when it comes to vehicle needs. They already have a proven record with law enforcement agencies.

Published in Police Fleet Manager, Sep/Oct 2016

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