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This purely electric car combines road efficiency with space and luxury. The BMWi3 is capable of allowing four adults to sit comfortably. In order to expand usable space the 9.18 cubic feet of interior space may be expanded by folding the rear seats down, making the available space 29 cubic feet inside the vehicle. The area of the trunk has around 13 cubic feet of usable cargo space. The BMWi3 has quite a kick with the ability to go from zero to sixty in under seven seconds. This powerful vehicle is able to accelerate powerfully without much effort from the driver and comes equipped with a 360-volt lithium-ion battery. Each charge is dependent upon the voltage used. An 18-hour charge may be acquired with 110-volts, a three hour charge for 220-volts and a 30 minute charge using 440-volts. The BMWi3 battery sustains a charge for 80 miles on average. This eco-conscious vehicle is able to get 137 miles per gallon on city streets and 111 miles per gallon on the highway. With high quality technology it is able to maintain electromobility. A large and easy to use navigation screen is in the dashboard. Also, the Remote App allows drivers to keep an eye on their vehicle from any location making this feature both a high tech and high safety attribute. Drivers may check the charge of their vehicle easily using the Check Charge system, which also alerts on range ability in relation to the cars’ current charge. BMWi3 drivers have a large network of charging stations to choose from. With easy access to charging stations and great torque, this $42,400 electric car is a desirable option.



Nissan Leaf


The Nissan Leaf is a compact, sporty and spacious electric vehicle. It can seat up to five people with the rear seats placed slightly higher than the front. This sedan offers up to 30 cubic feet of cargo space once the rear seats are folded down. Headroom measures to 41.2 inches in the front and 37.3 inches in the rear of the car. Legroom is 42.1 inches in the front and 33.3 inches in the backseat. Starting at $29,010, the basic Leaf, edition S, comes with horsepower ability of 107 miles CHECK THIS. The engine is an 80-kilowatt AC synchronous electric motor and can maintain a charge for 84 miles of driving. Also included is a 24-kilowatt lithium-ion battery. This car features the Nissan Intelligent Key and Push Button Start for easy yet secure access. Bluetooth technology is also featured in this vehicle as well as a USB port. Another feature that makes this car even more energy efficient are its’ LED headlights. The headlights on the Nissan Leaf are unique in that they are designed so that they improve the airflow of the car. This design is able to reduce drag as well as road noise.



Smart Electric


Thought the Smart ForTwo Electric Drive is limited on passenger space, it makes up for efficiency in other ways. The sedan is able to attain 76 miles of city driving and around 59 miles on the highway per each full charge. The Smart For Two ED is equipped with a 17.6-kilowatt battery that takes around six hours to charge fully. This vehicle has a 55-kilowatt motor that is completely electric. With 74 horsepower it is able to go from zero-to-sixty miles per hour in around 11 seconds. The Smart ForTwo gives the driver a decent view of the road due to the added height of the vehicle. The overall headroom of the car is about 39.7 inches with 12 cubic feet of storage space. The seats may be manually adjusted according to the drivers’ needs. Safety ratings are fairly high on the vehicle including a five star rating on the side crash test.





Chevy Bolt EV


The Chevy Bolt EV is the latest addition to the Chevy electric car line up. With 200-266 torque, this small vehicle gives the driver a powerful experience. Another positive aspect of the Chevy Bolt EV is its’ quick recharge capabilities. Able to charge in less than seven hours upon plug-in, drivers have three ways to charge the vehicle. The AC level one, which is a 120 -volt charge and will charge making the sedan equipped for four miles of driving time in just one hour. Additional options include the AC level two 240-volt charge which prepares the car for 25 miles of driving.  The Bolt is capable of driving 200 miles on one, complete charge. With the AC level two, a full charge is completed within nine hours. Finally there is the DC fast charging option. This option charges the vehicle up to 80 percent for one hour but must be specifically ordered. The DC fast charge is also available for use at public charging stations. The Bolt has excellent connectivity capabilities and is able to coordinate with ten devices. Equipped with 4G LTE that is built in as well as Wi-Fi, being productive on the go is an easy task. Also built in is a Chevrolet MyLink 10.2 inch touch screen. The home screen can facilitate phone and audio needs as well as alert the status of the cars’ charge. Energy use monitors that keep track of the cars’ efficiency performance is another unique feature. The Chevy Bolt EV can coordinate with both Apple and Andriod devices. The vehicle may also be locked, unlocked and started from a Smartphone. Maintaining energy efficiency is made easy with the Regen on Demand paddle. This unique feature allows kinetic energy to be captured, which slows the vehicle down in order to restore the battery. In each standard version, are 17-inch painted aluminum wheels, HID headlamps, rear vision camera, keyless entry access, two USB ports and puncture sealing tires to name a few of the many great features on this vehicle. Many safety features are included such as lane assist, rear parking and traffic crossing alerts. The Chevy Bolt offers a larger amount of interior space; by folding the back seats down, 55 cubic feet is available making the sedan compact yet spacious. While the seats are in the upright position there is a little less than 17 cubic feet in the back of the vehicle. Overall there is a volume of 94.4 cubic feet of passenger space.


Chevy Spark EV


The Spark EV is a powerful yet compact ride. With a torque capability that mimics a sports car, this electric vehicle is quick with 140-horsepower ability.  It is also able to attain 119 MPGe making it one of the most efficient electric vehicles on the market today. The battery in the Spark EV is a 19-kilowatt and the full range drivers can expect in a charge is around 82 miles. Using an SAE Combo DC the vehicle is able to charge from empty to 80 percent in under thirty minutes. Starting at $26,000, the Spark has five doors and measures at 144.7 inches in total length. Technology in the vehicle includes a MyLink touchscreen with finely tuned graphics. Also included is Smartphone app integration, which includes voice command, text message translation and navigation. Additional options that are now available are OnStar and 4G LTE WiFi. The Spark has up to 31.2 cubic feet of space once the backseats are folded down. While they are in their upright position there is 11.4 cubic feet of space in the back. For added room to cart cargo there is a roof rack available.


Fiat 500e


This model is known for its’ small size. The Fiat 500e is able to get 121 MPGe and is able to go from zero-to-sixty in under ten seconds. The engine contains three main components. There is a high-voltage lithium battery, high power electric drive as well as a power inverter. This sedan is able to run on one charge for approximately 84 miles. The estimated fuel consumption rate on the Fiat 500e is 30 Kilowatt-hours per each 100 miles driven. Two charge options are available. The Level 1 charge is a 120-volt charger and will provide nine to ten miles of driving time per every three hours of charge. A full charge may be anticipated in less than 24 hours. The Level 2 charge may be used at home or at a standard public charging station for a charge of 240-volts.  The Fiat 500e saves its’ limited cargo room by storing the battery under the floor of the car. There is 9.5 cubic feet of cargo space available. Once the rear seats are folded down there is around 30.2 cubic feet of space for cargo. Each model comes equipped with 15-inch low rolling resistance tires, speed control, and an electronic shifter that is activated with the push of a button. The dashboard display is a seven-inch digital display with a charge status indicator and an Alpine Premium Audio System. Also included in its’ technology package is Uconnect with a five-inch screen with touch ability. There is also voice command capabilities, Bluetooth streaming and voice text reply. The voice activated GPS system makes finding any location convenient and safe as you drive. Additional safety features include fog lamps, seven airbags and ParkSense Rear Park assistance. The Fiat 500e comes with a four year limited warranty as well as an eight-year limited warranty. This vehicle starts at $31, 800.


Mitsubishi i-MiEV

One of the lowest priced electric vehicles on the market the i-MiEV is priced starting at $22, 995. This electric vehicle is able to run for approximately 46 miles on a full charge and uses a 16-kilowatt battery. On average it takes a few hours to completely charge the vehicle. In addition to the standard 120-volt the car comes with, the 2014 version of the Mitsubishi i-MiEV has a cord equipped with a switch that lets the driver manually choose between using 8-amp and 12-amp charging. The 12-amp offers a 14-hour charge, which is much faster than the 8-amp charge allows.  Additionally, this particular model of the vehicle includes a quick charge port. This is especially useful for charging quickly while already being out and about. The quick charge port may be hooked up to a corresponding public charge station and may charge the vehicle to 80 percent in just thirty minutes. The i-MiEV is able to hold four adults and feels larger than it appears. If the vehicle is filled with passengers, the leftover space is around 13.2 cubic feet. However, if the rear seats are folded down the cargo space may be increased to 50.4 cubic feet. Headroom in the front of the vehicle measures to 35.6 inches and is 34.3 inches in the back. Overall passenger volume is 84.7 cubic feetAmong the additional features the vehicle includes a rearview backup camera, Bluetooth system, a USB port and a navigation system. Safety features on the sedan include a brake override system, and an Approaching Vehicle Audible System, which is designed to help ensure pedestrians are aware of the vehicle.


Tesla Model 3


The latest edition of the Tesla electric car line up is the Tesla Model 3. Since the company is known for its’ innovative electric style vehicles, this unique sedan takes storage to a new level. The Model 3 not only has a large interior but also provides cargo space in the front, under the hood and in the back of the vehicle. A comfortable vehicle, this car can seat five adults. The battery of the car is stored underneath to ensure ample room in the interior of the vehicle. This model, which is due to come out in 2017,  starts at $35,000 before adding on special features. The Tesla 3 can hold a charge for 215 miles and is able to go from zero-to-sixty in six quick seconds. In addition, the Tesla 3 has a five star safety rating and as autopilot capabilities. Also featured on this vehicle is an autopilot setting that allows for self-driving ability. The Tesla 3 must be reserved online for purchase.



Volkswagon E-Golf


This purely electric sedan is priced starting at around $29, 815 and is among the popular selections due to its’ features as well as the way it handles. The E-Golf is able to go from zero-to-sixty in around nine seconds containing three levels of power at 70-kilowatts. The average range for the E-Golf is 83 miles, attaining 126 miles per gallon during city driving and 105 miles per gallon in highway driving. Charging capabilities depend on the model of E-Golf that is purchased. The SE comes with a level 2 charger at 3.6-kilowatts and is not compatible with a DC Quick Charge. The SEL edition of the E-Golf has a 7.2-kilowatt charge and a DC Quick charge may be added.  Full charge lasts for around 83 miles. A unique and appealing feature on the vehicle is regenerative levels that are controlled by the driver. With a swift, easy motion the braking ability may be increased depending on how many times the driver moves the gear shifter. This allows the driver to have more control over braking without using the brake pedal. This electric vehicle features four doors, a hatchback and has comfortable seating and more legroom than the average electric vehicle.





Focus Electric


This electric vehicle from Ford is extremely efficient. It is able to attain 110 MPGe during city driving and 99 miles per gallon on the highway. With a starting price of $29,710, this car comes with a convenient 120 Volt-30 amp cord for public charging stations as well as a 240-volt 30-amp home charging option. The Focus Electric is designed with a 107-kilowatt electric motor and a one speed automatic transmission. The Smart Gauge feature allows the driver to monitor efficiency. Intelligent Access is implemented with a push button start. Another safety feature included in the standard version is Belt-Minder, which alerts the driver if the drivers’ seat or passengers seatbelt is not clipped while the vehicle is moving. For added airbags the Focus Electric has Safety Canopy, which are side-curtain bags featured in the first and second row. Other quality technical features include a Dual-zone Electronic Automatic Temperature Control, which is part of the navigation system. Additionally, an air filteration system keeps the climate of the car safe and comfortable. The MyKey feature is ideal if the vehicle will be driven by more than one person as the primary user is able to program the key and monitor the cars’ activity including how often it is being driven. The front seats in the vehicle offer comfortable and roomy capacity. Cargo space meaures to 14.5 cubic feet. The head room in the front seat averages to around 38.3 inches with about an inch less available head room in the back. Leg room in the front measures to 43.7 inches and is 33.2 inches in the back on average.



Honda Fit EV


The electric version of the Honda Fit is able to attain 82 miles per charge. Able to charge in around three hours, this vehicle uses a 240-volt circuit and has a 92-kilowatt battery. Able to seat five passengers comfortably and maintains the interior layout of the gas version of the Fit. The amount of 2013 EV Fits manufactured is at a limited number. The 2013 version of the Fit EV contains 21 cubic feet of cargo space and 91 cubic feet of passenger area. The 2014 version shares similar dimensions and has 40.4 inches of headroom in the front and 37.3 inches in the back. This version also has a passenger volume of 89.3 cubic feet with cargo space of 12 cubic feet with all seats up and 49.2 cubic feet with back seats down. The starting price for this vehicle sits at $36,600.




Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive

The B-Class Electric Drive has a battery pack that is able to hold a charge for around 87 miles. It averages at around 84 MPGe. This vehicle is powerful and able to go from zero-to-sixty in under eight seconds with the ability to boost performance. For a faster and more powerful feel you can push the S Sport button that is featured on the dashboard. This vehicle handles well making the drive smooth. The B-Class Electric Drive is able to go from zero to sixty in under seven seconds. This vehicle is also able to charge quickly; using a 240-volt charge it may be charged for a range of 60 miles in around two hours. It can fit four adults comfortably and with the rear seat down it has a cargo space of around 51.0 cubic feet. Passenger volume for this vehicle is around 95.3 cubic feet. This purely electric vehicle starts at $42, 400.

Hilary Romig has extensive training in law enforcement and forensics. She is currently pursuing a career in public safety. She is also a member of the Public Safety Writers Association.

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