PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: New Vehicle Mounted Gun Rack And Lock Head Design

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: New Vehicle Mounted Gun Rack And Lock Head Design

Jotto Desk, a premier manufacturer of law enforcement vehicle equipment has released a new product for their Prisoner Containment and Weapon Security line, the ZRT Gun Rack featuring SmartLok Technology.

“Over the years, we have worked closely with our Law Enforcement, Fleet Manager and Distribution Partners to best understand the current weaknesses and their future needs in regards to weapon security” said Stuart Sage, Chief Business Development Officer for Jotto Desk. “Once we realized that a big enough hammer or any 12v power source, such as a cordless drill battery, would allow a criminal access to weapons thought to be secure, we began the process of designing a solution to this tremendous risk.  The ZRT Gun Rack with SmartLok Technology has incorporated all of the features that law enforcement requires currently and has added new features as the weapons utilized have changed. Our patented ZRT lock head is manufactured out of a zinc alloy to eliminate breaking and the SmartLok Technology makes it impossible to be “hotwired”, providing peace of mind that a broken window doesn’t mean stolen weapon.”

Sage further expanded on the rugged characteristics and features of the ZRT Gun Rack with SmartLok Technology:

• Patented SmartLok Technology requires a 3rd handshake to release weapon, thus eliminating the ability to simply cut wiring and steal a weapon by adding 12v from any other source. US Patent No. 9,481,312

• 1.5” – 4 channel extruded backbone with security hardware standard

• Zinc Alloy Lock Head designed to deform instead of break

• ¼” Nickel Plated Steel Slide Latch recesses inside housing when accessing weapon

• Silicone Lock Head Inserts grab the weapon for protection and noise control

• Plug & Play Wiring for Lock Heads, Timer and Momentary Switch reduce wiring failures

• Lock Head size 1/3 smaller than any other on the market

• Patented adjustability on AR-15 side with captured handle allows for in-field adjustment. US Patent No. 8,910,560

• High Impact Polycarbonate Butt Plates mounted on the side channel to allow for weapons to be positioned as best determined by the agency need instead of always being at the lowest point

• Multiple mounting configurations available

Jotto Desk’s new ZRT Gun Rack with SmartLok Technology offers advanced designs where they are needed.  Mounting configurations include; vertical partition mounted, horizontal partition mounted, rear seat mounted, Single Cell mounted and trunk/rear hatch mounted. ZRT Gun Racks are available for both single weapon or dual and can be ordered with a handcuff key override or our proprietary straight key, designed specifically for the ZRT Lock Head.

Published in Police Fleet Manager, May/Jun 2017

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