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FOCUS: Police Motorcycles

Traditional, Three-Wheeled and All-Electric

By Police Fleet Manager Staff


Many of today’s law enforcement agencies now include motorcycles in their police fleets. Advantages include their versatility and fuel cost savings. All-electric motorcycles offer a ‘greener’ option to help officers fight crime. Check out some of the latest police motorcycles industry leaders have to offer.


BMW R 1200 RT

As of model year 2018, the BMW R 1200 RT will not just be delivered in new paint finishes, but will also receive the banking-optimized ABS Pro as well as the dynamic brake light as standard to increase safety even more. The range of optional equipment is expanded by the Emergency Call for making an emergency online call as well as Dynamic Traction Control DTC (in conjunction with the Pro riding modes optional equipment). An embossed RT logo in the passenger seat area enhances the visual appeal of the R 1200 RT.

Some of the new features in the BMW R 1200 RT are: ABS Pro including dynamic brake light as standard; Emergency Call (optional equipment); Dynamic Traction Control DTC (in conjunction with the Pro riding modes optional equipment; RT logo embossed on passenger seat; BMW Motorrad Spezial parts (special paintwork and equipment). Style Elegance comes in: Carbon black metallic, windshield covers and chrome-plated handlebar weights, chrome pannier trim, gold brake calipers, silver wheel rims, silver drivetrain. Style Sport features: new color Mars red metallic/Dark slate metallic matte with tapes, gold brake calipers, Sport windshield, Asphalt grey wheel rims, black drivetrain.


BRP/Can-Am Spyder F3-P


The Can-Am Spyder F3P from BRP is a three-wheel vehicle that gives it a relatively low riding height and a more stretched-out riding position. It uses a semi-automatic transmission that shifts gears with just a push of a button. When slowing down, it automatically downshifts, one gear at a time. The braking is foot-operated, not handlebar-operated. It has 12 Blue/Red LED lights with 360º visibility and 25 selectable flash patterns. Tough 4.5 mm polycarbonate windshield is specially designed; the rider sees over it, rather than through it.

Other features include: 100W with “Wail”, “Yelp” and “Air Horn” sounds; Easy one-touch operation; Quick-Pursuit Ignition Fast Start. Front trunk has 6.4 gal/24.4 L/0.8 ft3. High-strength aluminum 11.1 gal/42.0 L/1.5 ft3 removable top case is standard. Matching 19.5 gal/74.0 L/2.6 ft removable side cases are optional.

Adjustable Driver Backrest Total Support adds back and lumbar support; it is tilt adjustable and flexes with the rider. Auxiliary power is wired for work: The top case is electronics-ready with two 12V and two USB outlets. There’s an additional 12V outlet in the front trunk. The Brembo Braking System is specifically designed for the Can-Am Spyder and ensures excellent stopping power and consistent performance every time. The Digitally Encoded Security System (D.E.S.S.) helps protect the Can-Am Spyder from theft or other unauthorized use. The vehicle will not start unless the rider uses the correctly coded electronic key.

The Rotax 1330 Ace Engine is powerful and efficient. The Rotax 1330 ACE engine is an in-line triple-cylinder configuration for maximum torque in every gear, to deliver dynamic roll-on acceleration and throttle response. It’s also economical, with the ability to ride up to 252 miles (406 km) on a single tank. (Tested at constant speed. Fuel mileage may vary depending personal riding habits, weather conditions, trip length, vehicle condition, vehicle configuration and other conditions. Break-in mileage may vary.)

This 6-speed transmission offers the perfect balance of comfort and fuel economy thanks to a sophisticated hydraulic clutch system. Cruise comfortably at low RPMs with our semi-automatic transmission with reverse. The transmission uses thumb and index finger paddle shifting.

Developed in partnership with BOSCH and inspired by automotive technologies, the Vehicle Stability System integrates anti-lock brakes, traction control, and stability control.

The electronically controlled power steering system provides a varying amount of assistance depending on the speed of the vehicle, so it’s always easy to maneuver and steer. Sport-tuned gas-charged front shocks feature anodized-aluminum bodies and threaded preload adjustments.

The exclusive Spyder F3 UFit system lets riders easily position the footpegs according to their

height and choose the handlebar based on preferred riding style. Optimize shifting behavior with the ECO Mode Smart Assist. A gauge light indicates the best time to shift to reduce fuel consumption.


Harley-Davidson Electra Glide & Road King

Harley-Davidson has spent more than 100 years in partnership with law enforcement by providing riding machines specifically designed for the toughest job in the world. And now with the Milwaukee-Eight™ Engine, Harley-Davidson Electra Glide and Road King police motorcycles showcase the next level of Harley-Davidson strength and innovative engineering that officers everywhere have come to rely on.

Larger displacement, 4-valve heads and higher compression ratio produce 10-percent more torque. Other enhancements include: 2-3 bike lengths faster from 0-60 mph; 1-2 bike lengths faster from 60-80 mph in top gear. Officers will notice improved rider comfort thanks to reduced heat absorption, increased heat rejection, and redesigned exhaust system. New internal single counter balancer provides a smoother, more refined feel at idle.

New Showa® SDBV™ Dual Bending Valve front suspension technology provides 117 mm of travel. Hand-adjustable emulsion rear shocks provide 15-30% more pre-load adjustment and adjust with the turn of a single knob, no tools required. Unlike air shocks, once pre-load is set, there is no adjustment needed and no leak-down. New, bigger pistons improve damping performance over the range of the suspension travel.

More features include: Brembo® 4-piston front and rear brake calipers with dual front open floating rotors; Reflex™ Linked Brakes with “Smart” ABS; Automatically disengages linking at low speeds for maximum maneuverability; Firm and confident stopping power on a variety of road surface conditions.

Ergonomically intuitive design allows for control activation without taking hands off grips. Push to Talk Police Communication Switch; Stealth Switch; One-Touch saddlebag latch; Batwing Fairing with Splitstream venting; Wind-tunnel tested for greater rider comfort; Smooths airflow; Reduces head buffeting are more of what makes these motorcycles ideal for police fleets.


Honda ST1300PA

Honda’s ST1300PA police motorcycle features a powerful and lightweight V-4 engine with the added performance of an anti-lock braking system, and is designed to be exceptionally quiet and smooth with PGM-FI to produce a smooth and linear throttle response. This bike is created from a base model of Honda’s 2015 model ST1300 that can then be upfitted to agency specifications for law enforcement use.

On the inside, ST1300P’s V-4 engine is longitudinally mounted for maximum drivetrain efficiency while the Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) features an electric-motor-driven modulator for quick, precise braking-pressure adjustments and smooth ABS operation. The Combined Braking System (CBS) uses second master cylinder and a Proportioning Control Valve (PCV) to couple three-piston calipers of dual-disc front and single-disc rear brakes. The ST1300P’s low center of gravity contributes to improved low speed handling.

This motorcycle also comes with more visible features that improve rider experience. A motor-driven, adjustable windscreen and adjustable three-position dual-density solo seat allow officers to customize the bike to their needs and preferences, while a remote preload adjuster makes it easy to change the suspension setting to accommodate various loads and conditions. Specialized handlebar, patrol speedometer, and mounting brackets help make the ST1300P ready to handle law enforcement duties. Integrated saddlebags are lockable and detachable and hold 35 liters each, and a special rear cowl and rack offer law enforcement officers additional carrying capacity.


Zero Motorcycles Patrol Fleet

Zero Motorcycles offers police and security motorcycles with customizable options to meet the specific needs of a wide variety of patrol applications. With the ability to patrol both on- and off-road areas, the new police and security motorcycles offer unique advantages over internal combustion driven machines. The 100-percent electric powertrain is nearly silent, exhaust-free, produces minimal heat, has instant torque from zero rpm and is highly maneuverable. With a ‘fuel’ cost of a penny per mile and a maintenance-free powertrain, a Zero Motorcycles patrol fleet offers the ability to save agencies money while also giving a tactical advantage. Features include: Maintenance-free powertrain; Life of motorcycle power pack; Top speed of 102 mph; Maximum 176 miles range on a charge; Regenerative braking; Options for on or off-road use; Advantages of Electric Patrolling.

With no gears, clutch or noise, officers can focus on patrolling. They can perform highly technical maneuvers during intense situations where performance and agility are essential. While in crowds or indoors, the absence of exhaust eliminates ventilation concerns and expands patrolling areas. These include: Patrolling and investigating public lands: parks, beaches, dirt trails, running paths; Event safety and crowd control: concerts, parades, sporting events; General city patrols: dense pedestrian areas, city streets, local emergency calls; Stealth patrols: drug enforcement, burglary, security, campus environments, and other situations where silence is an advantage.

New tactical advantages include: Accelerate instantly from a silent idle; Extremely lightweight for greater maneuverability; Ride without needing to shift; Silently idle while among crowds; Pursue subjects without engine noise; Stealthily take off from a hideout; Ride indoors or in close confines; Leverage the advantage of surprise; Socially responsible vehicle use; Eliminate gasoline complications; Reduce noise and exhaust disturbances; Recharge anywhere; Eliminate gas and oil spills; Eradicate burn and fire risks; Promote green technology; Improve the environmental credentials of local authorities.

The ZERO DSRP™ is Zero’s most powerful police motorcycle. Highlights are a Z-Force® 75-7R motor with high-temp magnets; 116 ft-lb torque, 70 hp; Rapid acceleration; and a 102-mph top speed.

The ZERO DSP™ has dual-purpose, go-anywhere capability. This motorcycle is an extremely versatile dual sport model, perfectly suited for both street and light off-road duty. Features include: 81 ft-lb torque, 60 hp; High-capacity integrated power pack; Over 100 miles combined city/highway range (with optional Power Tank).

The ZERO FXP™ is compact, quick and responsive, off-road ready. Ideal for tight quarters such as arenas and congested areas, yet it also boasts off-road capability for parks, beaches, open space. It is lightweight at 302 pounds, sporting a quick acceleration with 78 ft-lb of torque, all with a low purchase price and operating costs.



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Published in Police Fleet Manager, Jul/Aug 2017

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