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PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Whelen Engineering: Avenger® II Series and SurfaceMax™ Series

Whelen Engineering: Avenger® II Series

Avenger® II Series: With their compact and inconspicuous design, Whelen’s Avenger II dash lights are barely visible until powered on and are simple to transfer from vehicle to vehicle. Combination Linear/TIR optics provide high-intensity warning and illumination, and a smaller profile maximizes space for optimal versatility. The Avenger II is available with SOLO, DUO, and TRIO technology.

SurfaceMax™ Series

SurfaceMax™ Series: Whelen’s SurfaceMax Series features the versatility and performance of the Hundred Series, with a full-fill optic and all-new patented mounting technology, providing easy installation and a clean look. The SurfaceMax Series mounts to a variety of applications and is available in Warning, Brake, Brake/Tail, and Turn Arrow models.



Published in Police Fleet Manager, Jul/Aug 2017

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