Police Push Bumpers

Police Push Bumpers

By Police Fleet Manager Staff

Today’s police vehicles feature many accessories and safety features, including push bumpers, skid plates, and cargo boxes. Push bumpers offer enhanced protection for the front end of most police sedans, SUVs, and pickup trucks. Major manufacturers of push bumpers now use the latest technology and materials such as high-strength steel/aircraft-grade aluminum ideal for heavy-duty and extreme situations.

Go Industries P.I.T. Bumpers
Go Industries P.I.T. Bumpers offer maximum, frontal protection for all law enforcement vehicles. Built on a modular design, agencies can add the lower pit arms and brush guards to the center section as needed. For installation, this unit comes with dual-mounting brackets and can be ordered in powder coat or in the premium Ultimate Armor coating (it also accommodates Whelen, SoundOff, and Code3 lights and it’s proudly made in the USA). For more information on push bumpers, storage boxes, skid plates, and other accessories for law enforcement, visit www.goindustries.com.

Pro-gard HD Push Bumpers
Pro-gard Products’ superior patented HD Push Bumpers are designed for performance, integration, and durability. Their push bumpers are uniquely engineered to integrate with the ever-changing police vehicle design, making their product easily transferable. The black powder-coated finish eliminates corrosion and the steel-constructed push bumpers are designed for ease of installation and maximum protection. For more information on this and other products for law enforcement, visit www.pro-gard.com.

LUND Industries Police Audio-Visual Safety System (PASS®)
The LUND Police Audio-visual Safety System (PASS®) is a specially designed and patented system mounts DUAL siren speakers in the uprights of the bumper, greatly improving sound on the ground plane in front of your vehicle. With dual speakers, multiple sirens and/or tones can be used independently, PASS® solves speaker mounting issues because the speaker is no longer mounted behind the bumper or fascia. For more information on the PASS® Bumper System and other vehicle accessories, visit www.lund-industries.com.

Jotto Force Push Bumpers
The Jotto Force Push Bumpers have been designed for extreme duty. Their engineers partnered and learned from the leading manufacturer of replacement bumpers so the Jotto Force Push Bumpers will stand the test of time. The included modular Wing Sections are self-supporting in design and do not tie into the OEM sub-structure in any way (this design forces the bumper to absorb the impact). The vertical bumper assembly is universal for both the Explorer and Tahoe, with only the mounting brackets and wings being vehicle specific. This design allows the Vertical Bumper Assembly to be moved from vehicle to vehicle, should it be taken out of service. Its modular design allows for an agency to add the wing section at a later date or replace a damaged segment, versus the entire bumper. Unique to Jotto Desk, a wide-stance mounting bracket design provides exceptional Push Bumper stability and strength. For more information, call 877-455-6886 or visit www.jottopublicsafety.com.

Federal Signal PBX Series Push Bumpers
The Federal Signal PBX Series Push Bumpers are designed with maximum safety in mind, and offers customization for your specific needs while providing the best strength, durability, and protection. All components of the series are manufactured with heavy-duty HRPO steel and engineered to provide extra protection to the vehicle’s grille and to the police officer. For more information on this and other innovative equipment, signaling products, and communication and security systems for law enforcement, visit www.fedsig.com.

Setina Push Bumpers
Setina Push Bumpers are constructed using heavy-duty, aircraft-grade aluminum for superior corrosion resistance, optimum fuel economy/weight distribution, front-end fatigue reduction while satisfying automakers’ front-end weight limitation concerns. Designed with a one-piece formed push rail with unitized, interlocking cross support system for maximum strength, all push bumpers are constructed with a replaceable, mar-resistant, heavy-duty rubber pushing surface and a heavy-duty, hot-rolled steel-mounting bracket system. For more information on push bumpers and other vehicle upfitting solutions, visit www.setina.com.

Published in Police Fleet Manager, Mar/Apr 2018

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