Police Vehicle Storage Solutions

Police Vehicle Storage Solutions

By Police Fleet Manager Staff

Today’s police vehicles offer many diverse storage and cargo solutions to maximize space and increase officer safety and efficiency. From sliding trays/drawers to secure gun racks to cabinets/weapon vaults, these innovative products help officers do their jobs more effectively, so they can concentrate on catching the bad guys and saving lives.

BEDSLIDE is simply a better way to access your truck bed by turning it into an easy-access drawer. No more crawling around to get to your tools, gear or supplies. BEDSLIDE Drawers are easy to install and made in the USA with weather-resistant and heavy-duty materials. Simply grab the handle and pull, and the BEDSLIDE rolls all of your cargo out to you—saving time, effort and back pain. For more vehicle drawer solutions, visit www.bedslide.com. 

MORryde Slidezilla
The MORryde Slidezilla is a durable sliding tray that extends 70 percent from the back of your truck and holds up to 1,000 pounds. The tray accommodates full-size pickups with 5.5-, 6.5-, and 8-foot beds with heavy-duty option available for 6.5- and 8-foot beds that hold up to 1,500 pounds. The MORryde Hitch Hiker is the latest in truck bed management system. You can easily install and remove a line of accessories to your truck bed using this e-track docking station. The ultra-low-profile e-track allows you to slide a locker or storage box into the docking station and lock into place, creating more storage in the back of your truck. For more information, visit www.slide-zilla.com or www.morryde.com.

Mobilestrong Police Interceptor Storage Drawer with Stand
The Mobilestrong Police Interceptor Storage Drawer with Stand allows users to store larger gear underneath the drawer and still have access to the spare tire compartment. The drawer unit measures 40 inches wide x 12 inches high x 18 inches deep and is constructed from HDP (with 200-pound ball bearing slides and incorporates a three-point locking system). Standard units are available for large SUVs/trucks and they can build custom drawer units and command centers. For more information, visit mobilestrong.net or call 800-969-9708.

Pro-Gard Fleet Solutions 
To meet the ever-demanding product needs for the popular SSV trucks, Pro-gard offers a multitude of products. Their SSV product line consists of: Prisoner Transport Partitions, Steel Window Armor and Door Panels, Partition Mount and Self-Support Mount Tri-Lock Gun Racks, Push Bumpers, Prisoner Transport LED Lighting, and Organization and Storage solutions. For more information, visit www.pro-gard.com. 

Jotto Desk Storage Systems
Jotto Desk’s Storage Systems for the Ford PI Utility and the Chevy Tahoe keep your weapons, gear and emergency supplies organized and quickly accessible. These systems, constructed of 12-gauge aluminum and made in the USA, provide storage options, security, and allow for easy access to the spare tire. Currently, there are eight different configurations divided into two categories: a Weapon Storage Cabinet & Dual Vertical Drawer design or Double Dual Vertical Drawer design. Within those categories, the differences in the packages revolve around whether or not the Equipment Tray and/or Horizontal Drawer are included. The Weapon Storage Cabinet configurations offer two shelves, approximately 37 inches deep, providing weapon storage for when the driver is going to be away from the vehicle for an unknown period of time. In addition, several products are specifically designed to be compatible with the Storage Systems: a New Cargo Barrier, Single Cell, and Single Cell Lite. These are easy to install, requiring no holes to be drilled into the vehicle. For more information, call 877-455-6886 or visit www.jottopublicsafety.com.

Tufloc® X-Lock
Tufloc’s new X-Lock allows for quick and easy, one-handed removal of your gun when you need it fast. The innovative, patent-pending design features stainless-steel arms that automatically adjust to a secure, custom-fit when the gun is pressed into place. The X-Lock is also featured on Tufloc’s new Residential Gun Racks that keep guns secure, on display, and ready for quick access in your home. For more gun rack solutions, visit www.tufloc.com.  
Performance Custom Cabinets Thorguarde Weapon Vault
Introducing the Thorguarde Weapon Vault for the Ford F-Series, Chevy Silverado, and the Dodge Ram pickup trucks. The Thorguarde is the only vehicle mounted weapon vault to be tested and recommended by the NTOA. An optional Electronic Keyless Keypad with auto-relock is available. Single drawer systems measure up to 56 inches deep and dual drawer systems up to 72 inches deep. Optional slide-out trays are available. For more information, visit www.securevehiclesolutions.com or call 804-382-3870.

Setina Cargo, Firearms & Electronic Storage Systems
Setina’s Cargo, Firearms, and Electronic Storage Systems provide law enforcement with a superior solution for rear cargo-area equipment storage. Constructed of heavy-duty, lightweight aluminum with multiple tiers and configurations, their universal designs for SUVs require no drilling for quick and easy installation and are available with electronic keypad or RFID locking options (as well as top or bottom pull-out white board). For more information on Setina’s superior cargo storage solutions for your specific fleet needs, visit www.setina.com.

Published in Police Fleet Manager, Mar/Apr 2018

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