Axon Fleet 2 Unit and Body Camera

FLEET TECHNOLOGY Axon Fleet 2 Unit and Body Camera

By Hilary Romig


Axon recently designed the Axon Fleet 2 Unit and Body Camera. This in-car video system debuted in June of this year. Incorporating the latest technology with easy-to-use features, the Axon Fleet 2 has much to offer law enforcement.

Carley Partridge, PR Specialist for Axon, said the Axon Fleet 2 is a streamlined, connected approach for law enforcement to securely share critical video evidence. This video system is cloud-based and allows officers to capture and upload video footage directly to, a digital data management solution by Axon. The ability to combine in-car video with body cameras allows officers to capture and later relay the event in its entirety, revealing the complete truth. The ability to connect a unit’s footage with a body-worn camera and then conveniently upload it to database storage makes capturing evidence faster, more efficient.

The in-car system works through Axon Signal, which is located inside the patrol unit. This is able to alert both Axon Fleet and Axon body cameras directly after each event or action takes place. Additionally, the Axon View XL, which is an in-car application, allows officers the ability to manage evidence from both the in-car cameras as well as their body-worn cameras.

Axon Fleet 2 stands out due to several high-tech and high-quality features. Partridge noted the latest in-car system includes high-definition video with wide field of view, zoom, infrared for the back seat, and wireless microphone integration. Each of these features allows officers to capture every moment in an incident so there is no room for doubt regarding what actually occurred in the event.

Additionally, the ease and convenience of uploading the footage from each event to a cloud base is an excellent feature. Able to integrate with, the intuitive mobile data terminal app, Axon View XL, allows officers to quickly tag video uploads. Partridge said the ability to efficiently categorize, play back, and share all video alongside other digital files on is another way that the Axon Fleet 2 eases stress when it comes to evidence and video collection. All angles are captured with confidence using multi-cam playback. Departments can utilize this feature when reviewing up to four videos at one time, including body-worn and in-car footage, simultaneously.

Partridge commented that within, body-worn camera and in-car camera footage can be managed and stored in one place. This makes going back and finding the event’s video as well as compiling it and sharing evidence easier. Axon also offers a large multi-cam playback feature that allows the viewer to watch up to four videos from a patrol unit or body cameras from one scene at the same time.

As far as overcoming technical difficulties, the Axon Fleet 2 includes easy installation and fast response on troubleshooting through remote assistance. Since the system is connected wirelessly,

it may be maintained in a reduced amount of time. Due to the fact the system is built on a wireless decentralized type of architecture, there are fewer points of failure. Also, Axon’s cloud architecture records system and diagnostic logs enable remote diagnostics and support for faster troubleshooting resolution.

Partridge said Axon Fleet believes most in-car systems are large and cumbersome to use. Keeping these aspects in mind, the company engineered their latest system with a smaller, more efficient design. Taking up less space, the in-car system utilizes technology to the maximum without taking up more room in patrol units. In addition, the Axon View XL application has an intuitive design that makes learning and navigating the use of the Axon Fleet 2 simple and user-friendly. Partridge said the entire process for managing data is very convenient.

Departments and personnel will find the combination of Axon’s in-car video system and wearable technologies enables officers more visibility for each situation encountered. Officers can manage their videos effectively and find out details of the event much faster. According to Partridge, by having both their body-worn and in-car videos connected to Axon’s cloud-based system, data storage/retrieval is much easier. With the Axon Fleet 2, departments can conveniently organize, find, and share video evidence.

Axon Fleet 2 enables departments to capture, keep, and share video evidence in a way that is hassle-free. It also records as many angles as possible, which helps to maintain officer safety, integrity, and credibility. The assurance the system brings as well as the high-quality video and peace of mind for departments is priceless.

Published in Police Fleet Manager, Sep/Oct 2018

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