The Latest in Patrol Unit Tires

The Latest in Patrol Unit Tires
By Hilary Romig

Two of the leading tire companies have recently come out with excellent tires that are suitable for all terrains and many different police vehicles. General Tire’s G-MAX Justice tires as well as the Goodyear Eagle Enforcer All Weather tires are designed to help officers arrive at their destinations safely. 

General Tire G-MAX Justice
The G-MAX Justice is the latest tire from General Tire specifically designed for law enforcement units. This tire is excellent for high-speed pursuits, and it handles well due to a durable tread. Made with StabiliTread technology, each tire features a wider tread pattern that provides a longer life for the tire, making it reliable for both extensive and intensive police patrol work.

The G-MAX Justice line is made for every season. Equipped with SmartGrip technology, these tires have a better grip on the road. In addition, the strategically placed center rib in the tire allows for clean and reliable steering response, which adds to officer safety. According to Rory W. Connellan Sr., Communications Specialist in Marketing for the General Tire Company, the stronger center rib helps with steering and stable shoulder blocks provide maximum grip. Also, the silica-rich all-season compound and siping ensures exceptional grip in rain and snow. This leads to predictable handling and confidence when maneuvering in daily driving and high-speed pursuits. This is because silica is an excellent compound for any weather, and especially durable during wet conditions. 

G-MAX Justice tires come in a variety of sizes. With six types total, these tires fit the Ford Police Interceptor Sedan and Utility, the Dodge Charger Pursuit, the Chevrolet Caprice PPV, the Chevrolet Tahoe PPV, and the Impala Police, to name a few. Connellan said the G-MAX Justice was designed for law enforcement patrol fleets as well as high-speed pursuit applications. They are suitable for agencies at any level and all agencies may utilize this particular line for their fleet vehicles. 
Deriving from the AS-05 and the G-MAX RS, the Justice tires were especially engineered with law enforcement fleet vehicle needs in mind. The G-MAX Justice stems from the development of both the G-MAX AS-05 and G-MAX RS in order to provide law enforcement fleets a durable tire with precise handling. This offers up to 15 percent more tread life as well as 15 percent more wet braking performance on the road. Connellan commented that these new tires might be the new benchmark for pursuit application tires. The design is focused on delivering extended tread life without compromising excellent, reliable performance in extreme weather. Connellan noted they also offer moderate use on loose gravel areas and roads that remain unimproved. Plus, these tires are manufactured in the United States.

Goodyear Eagle Enforcer All Weather
Goodyear designed the Eagle Enforcer All Weather tire with police vehicles in mind. This all-weather, any season tire is also the industry’s first all-weather tire certified for police pursuit use. Rick Wendt, Account Manager, State and Local Government Sales for The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, said the Eagle Enforcer is excellent in extreme snow conditions. This is due to the three-peak mountain snowflake designation, which makes the tire suitable for severe snow conditions in areas that see heavy snow accumulation often. In particular, the Eagle Enforcer All Weather (EEAW) tire is excellent for police pursuit needs. Wendt said it would be available for fleet vehicles such as the Ford Police Interceptor Sedan and Utility, the Chevrolet Tahoe PPV, and the Dodge Charger Pursuit. A few aspects that make the EEAW stand out from past Goodyear tire models is that the tire has been both tested and designed specifically for each type of police vehicle. Ensuring that the tire is suitable for several different types of police cars makes it versatile. Wendt noted the company conducted extensive internal and external testing to ensure reliable traction, handling, and durability for pursuit needs. This way, officers can rely on their unit tires to uphold safety during intense calls. Additionally, the asymmetric tread design, which includes sweeping tread grooves, helps with grip. This particular design allows for more powerful traction and control in dry, wet or snowy conditions, which also enhances steering response.
Reliable, durable tires are a crucial factor of all police units. With good tires comes good performance and safe driving for everyday patrol and pursuits.

Published in Police Fleet Manager, Sep/Oct 2018

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