Snow Gear for Patrol Cars

Snow Gear for Patrol Cars

By Hilary Romig


Having the right gear for snowy road conditions protects both the officer as well as the patrol car. 


ISSE Shark Snow Socks

An easy-to-use alternative to snow chains, the ISSE Shark Snow Socks add grip to tires using a textile surface. Vehicles can be driven with confidence up to 25 miles per hour with the two choices of Classic or Long Life Super Snow Socks. The Classic is priced at $99 and includes a woven, fabric design as well as Activ3D braiding that also allows for a stronger grip on snowy roadways. The Long Life Super is equipped with a high tenacity system, which provides extra resistant fibers as well as a recyclable Polyolefin textile material that is environmentally friendly. The Long Life Super is easy to slip on and hardly take up space to store within a vehicle. It is also made with a woven design with a price of $149. An easy-to-use calculator may be found on the ISSE Shark website, which assists in finding the right snow sock for specific tires. For times when road conditions are treacherous, and time is of the essence, Snow Socks are an excellent choice to get drivers out on the road safely.



Trac-Grabbers help vehicles that are stuck get back on the road. Made of two blocks with straps, Trac-Grabbers allow tires to gain traction in snow, mud, or sand. Easy to use, this unique tool may be attached to drive tires using adjustable straps in order to secure them. Made with high-quality rubber, the Trac-Grabbers are convenient to carry and may be used numerous times. They may be used on a variety of vehicles including vans, SUVs, trucks, as well as ATVs and UTVs. The standard car blocks measure 8 inches in length, 3 inches in width, with a 1-inch diameter. The strap size is a little over 1 x 39 inches long. Additional options are available with larger block and strap sizes. Prices range from $59.99 to $119.99 depending on vehicle size.


EIGIIS Auto Snow and Mud Tire Straps

The Anti Skid Emergency tire straps by EIGIIS are ideal for providing extra traction. Priced at $39.99, the tough rubber adds to the friction between the vehicle’s tires and snowy road conditions resulting in the ability to get vehicles that are stuck out of bad conditions. These are most effective in snow, mud, or sandy roadways and are compatible with most vehicles. They are easily adhered to tires with straps without using additional tools. Aside from providing grip, these straps can also break ice on roads as while giving extra traction.


Security Chain

The Security Chain Company has developed the SZ143 Super Z6 Cable Tire Chain. It is suitable for trucks, SUVs, and other cars as well. This set of two chains is priced at $64.99 and may be installed without moving the vehicle. The SZ143 chains are equipped with a rubber tightener included, ensuring the chains remain in position after installation without additional adjustment. Additionally, these chains are compatible with a variety of vehicle systems and the Security Chain Company does offer similar chains in additional sizes.


No matter what the road conditions may be like, these tools are ideal for bringing an easy solution to a tough situation while out on patrol.


Published in Police Fleet Manager, Nov/Dec 2018

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