Top 10 Products of 2018

1. Tufloc® X-Lock
Tufloc’s new X-Lock allows for quick and easy, one-handed removal of your gun when you need it fast. The innovative, patent-pending design features stainless-steel arms that automatically adjust to a secure, custom-fit when the gun is pressed into place. The X-Lock is also featured on Tufloc’s new Residential Gun Racks that keep guns secure, on display, and ready for quick access in your home. For more gun rack solutions, visit

About Tufloc…
Headquartered in the American heartland of Canton, Ohio, Tufloc is one of the Esmet family of companies. Tufloc manufactures security products for military personnel, law enforcement agencies and homeowners. Their manufacturing process, coupled with ongoing research & development, helps to advance the quality, durability and affordability of their growing product line which includes gun racks for buildings/vehicles, security drawers, security lockers/lockboxes and tactical seat organizers. Tufloc produces high-quality components to exact specifications…their manufacturing workforce includes skilled programmers, machinists, welders and assembly personnel. For more information, call 800-321-0870 or visit []

2. Setina Cargo, Firearms & Electronic Storage Systems
Setina’s Cargo, Firearms, and Electronic Storage Systems provide law enforcement with a superior solution for rear cargo-area equipment storage. Constructed of heavy-duty, lightweight aluminum with multiple tiers and configurations, their universal designs for SUVs require no drilling for quick and easy installation and are available with electronic keypad or RFID locking options (as well as top or bottom pull-out white board). For more information on Setina’s superior cargo storage solutions for your specific fleet needs, visit

About Setina Manufacturing Company…

Setina Manufacturing Company is a modern, state of the art, manufacturing facility. Their product line includes push bumpers, fender guards, partitions, transport seating, firearm mounting, window barriers, door guards, rear cargo and K-9. They perform nearly all of the manufacturing processes at their facility, from receiving the raw materials, to the finished product. Setina’s extensive line of products provides law enforcement a total solution for vehicle up-fitting. From full to mid-size SUV’s, Cars, Trucks and Vans, Setina has products for all police fleet vehicles, designed to work together for optimal performance and easy installation. For more information, call 800-426-2627 or visit

3. Pro-gard HD Push Bumpers

Pro-gard Products’ superior patented HD Push Bumpers are designed for performance, integration, and durability. Their push bumpers are uniquely engineered to integrate with the ever-changing police vehicle design, making their product easily transferable. The black powder-coated finish eliminates corrosion and the steel-constructed push bumpers are designed for ease of installation and maximum protection. For more information on this and other products for law enforcement, visit
About Pro-gard Products LLC…
Pro-gard Products LLC (a Castleray Company) was established in 1968, with one mission in mind…to build a better protective product for the officer during prisoner transports. Their expanding product lines cover 5 major categories including prisoner transport, electronic protection, gun racks, organization/storage and exterior vehicle protection. Pro-gard Products provide some of the safest, most durable law enforcement products designed to perform on the open road and they take pride in the craftsmanship and quality that goes into making their products safe and reliable. 2018 marks the company’s 50th Anniversary and Pro-gard continues its long-standing tradition of evolving products to meet the demands of the worldwide law enforcement community. For more information, call 800-480-6680 or visit

4. WHELEN - Ceridian™ Series…Linear Super-LED® Lightbars

Introducing Whelen’s innovative and economic Ceridian Series. Featuring an all-new low-profile
design, the Ceridian Series is engineered for versatility and convenience. Laser etched opaque colored domes provide full customization. A multitude of options are available, including a center speaker and lighted signs. The Ceridian Series is available with SOLO™, DUO™, or TRIO™ Linear Super-LED technology. For more information on this and other automotive products for law enforcement, visit

About Whelen Engineering Company Inc…
At Whelen Engineering, their goal is to bring innovative, life-saving products to market more quickly, while maintaining strict quality control throughout the process. They have accomplished this through a vertical manufacturing initiative to eliminate or reduce out-sourcing, the use of robotics and state-of-the art production equipment, and perhaps most importantly, a motivated workforce of over 1,500 employees. The product lines, (within the Automotive Division) includes lightbars and mini-lightbars, dash/deck/visor, beacons, flashers and lightheads, sirens, switches, speakers and more. For more information, call 860-526-9504 or visit    

5. GFX Law® Dodge Durango Pursuit Special Service Accessories
GFX Law, the full-service police vehicle manufacturer, announced a new lineup of Dodge Durango Pursuit Special Service accessories. As a Tier-1 automotive supplier to Fiat Chrysler Automobile, GFX Law has developed and designed a wide range of products to take advantage of the Durango’s unique service characteristics. The Express Order Program streamlines the ordering process and provides all the major options to make the Durango Pursuit road-ready. For more information, visit or call 1-800-739-6837.

About Ground Effects LTD (GFX Law)…
Ground Effects has more than 30-years of automotive upfit experience. GFX Law (a Division of Ground Effects, Ltd) is committed to high quality, personal service and unique products that provide outstanding value and longevity. GFX Law is a custom shop for Mopar® police equipment…their direct connection to Mopar, Dodge and Ram engineering ensures that your vehicle’s equipment is installed to deliver the best in fit, finish, quality and functionality. Their selection of aftermarket equipment packages and options…give you control to provide your department’s needs, effectively saving time and money. For more information, call 800-739-6837 or visit

6. Adamson Industries Corp…NEW Rear Anti-Collision Light System
Adamson Industries Corp introduces their exclusive new Rear Anti-Collision Light System providing increased safety and visibility to Police Vehicles. The easy to install 48” LED Lighting Strip features programming for Red (Stop/Brake), Blue (Warning) and Amber (Directional/Turn Signal), a 3 year warranty, durable UV finish & fits all vehicles. For more information on emergency vehicle equipment sales, service and installation, visit

About Adamson Industries Corp…
Adamson Industries is a master distributor for some of the premier manufacturers of public safety vehicle equipment including Whelen Engineering, SoundOff Signal, Federal Signal, Havis, Setina, Pro-gard Products and many more. They stock a full line of products from auxiliary lighting and emergency lightbars…to prisoner transport solutions. Adamson Industries is dedicated to their customers and the communities they serve with a goal to be the most knowledgeable, reliable and respected Emergency Response Vehicle Up-Fitter in the Northeast. For more information, call 800-232-0162 or visit

7. TruckVault SUV Series: Elevated Line
Maintaining spare tire access is an important factor in finding a secure storage system that will work for your needs. TruckVault’s new Elevated Line for SUVs solves this problem by securing one of their industry-leading secure storage systems atop a rugged powder-coated steel frame to allow easy access to the spare tire. For more information on this and other vehicle equipment storage solutions, call and speak with a live person at 800-967-8107 or check out all of TruckVault’s products at
About TruckVault Inc…
TruckVault is one of the most recognized names for vehicle equipment storage solutions in the areas of law enforcement, public safety and sports (their solutions are custom built for any vehicle on the road…pickup, SUV, Sedan, Van). Their secure storage solutions are a top choice of law enforcement professionals across the country (and around the world). TruckVault products outfit law enforcement and public safety professionals with the tools to excel in all these areas and more. An extensive selection of secure vehicle storage solutions is the result of partnerships with countless public safety departments and organizations at the local, state and Federal levels. For every vehicle type, they offer intelligent designs that begin with basic security and elevate to fully customizable command center offerings. For more information, call 800-967-8107 or visit

8. Big Sky Racks ELS 
Big Sky Racks, Inc. introduced a new rack for AR-style rifles to better accommodate accessory-laden firearms. The ELS 275 ‘Low Profile’ frame allows officers to position accessories on the fore-end of firearms away from rack components. This new rack is lighter and requires less space for installation. It is highly adjustable, allowing end users and installers to fine-tune weapon placement in the rack. Accessories can be mounted where users want them and the rack can be configured with three different lock choices. For more information, call 800-805-8716 or check out Big Sky’s other racks online at

About Big Sky Racks Inc…
Big Sky Racks, Inc., located in Bozeman, MT, has been building vehicular weapon mounting systems for over 30 years. What began as a great idea for improving weapon access and transportation security for the shooting sportsman has led to the development of the ELS Systems – designed specifically for the Law Enforcement community. The ELS Models are designed to meet the security requirements of a wide variety of weapons. The steel frame is a one-piece construction that eliminates welds and provides for maximum durability and strength. Its matte-black finish is functional, attractive, and fits into the interior color scheme of any vehicle. Padded weapon brackets are bolted into the frame in grooved slots, allowing weapon alignment and adjustment. For more information, call 800-805-8716 or visit

9. L3 Mobile-Vision BWX-100™ Body-Worn Camera
L3 Mobile-Vision, Inc.’s newly designed BWX-100™ body camera integrates with L3 in-car systems, each triggering the other when recording begins.
Additionally, the BWX-100, which offers a 140-degree diagonal field of view, can be used with the companion LE Connect Mobile™ app. By cross-triggering recording between the BWX-100 body-worn camera and their Flashback3™ and FlashbackHD™ in-car video systems, agencies with current units can easily integrate the new BWX-100 with their existing systems. Additionally, with full HD recording capabilities, officers can record evidence during a standard shift, then review video content via the LE Connect Mobile app over a wireless link to their smartphone. The app is available for both IOS™ and Android™.
The enhanced BWX-100 also eases officer/device interaction with an alphanumeric LCD screen, tactile buttons, and the ability to tag videos in the field. As with previous iterations, the platform provides a fully integrated evidence management system with the ability to add notes, photos, and other digital evidence into one case file. The BWX-100 launch is the first in a series of new developments designed to advance evidence collection, value, and usability for agencies. For more information, visit or or

About L-3 Mobile-Vision Inc…
For over 29 years, L3 Mobile-Vision has delivered to customers, rugged and reliable equipment and systems that allow public safety agencies to capture, manage, and communicate critical information in a safe, secure, and effective manner. Today, their Digital Evidence Management Solutions for High Definition In-car Video, can store digital files evidence from in-car video, body-worn cameras, license plates recognition systems as well as other digital files to help make customers evidence management process quick and efficient. For more information, call 800-336-8475 or visit

10. Jotto Desk ZRT GR9 AR Secure Gun Racks
Jotto Desk offers extreme security (ZRT GR9 AR Secure) gun racks featuring the AR Magazine/Take Down Pin Housing (AR MAG/TDP). This Rubber Dipped Housing is as innovative as it is simplistic. Open the ZRT Lock Head, insert the AR-15 into the AR MAG/TDP Housing so that the pistol grip is above the tube. All that is needed is to rock the AR-15 toward the partition and secure the barrel of the weapon in the ZRT Lock Head with the Silicone Insert. As officers are securing above the iron sights (Barrel Lock Mount) and the housing is encasing the receiver, whatever accessories are added to the weapon (sights, flashlights, fore grips, etc.) should not be an issue. These Extreme Security ZRT GR9 Gun Racks are designed to mount to Jotto Desk Space Creator Partitions. For more information on product availability, please call 877-455-6886, e-mail, or visit

About Jotto Desk…
Field proven for more than 20 years, Jotto Desk has been offering mobile professionals innovative vehicle solutions to ensure officer security and comfort. Jotto Desk is a total solutions provider for public safety equipment…with a full product offering for police vehicles from bumper to bumper. Their product lines cover computer mounts, equipment consoles, prisoner transport, ZRT gun racks and storage solutions. For more information call 877-455-6886 or visit

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