Trooper™ II – Slender Dual Carrier Multi-Band Antenna

Trooper™ II – Slender Dual Carrier Multi-Band Antenna for Public Safety FirstNet Networks

PCTEL’s Trooper™ II next-generation multi-band antenna provides optimal wireless communications performance through its four-port 4G LTE connections, and 4x4 802.11ac Wi-Fi MIMO capability. The new model enhances PCTEL’s already successful Trooper™ platform, with expanded multi-band RF and GNSS capability designed to interface with the leading dual-carrier, multi-spectrum routers on the marketplace. Featuring PCTEL’s newest high-rejection multi-GNSS technology that supports GPS L1, GLONASS and Galileo, this antenna delivers high-precision location tracking for secure mission critical applications and fleet management support.

The rugged Trooper™ II is exceptionally versatile and easy to install. Its slender footprint and single cable exit accommodate installation restrictions often encountered on modern public safety vehicles. Its robust, aerodynamic housing design is available in black (sold under part number GL9X1AX-TRB) or white (sold under part number GL9X1AX-TRW) color options.

PCTEL’s Trooper™ antennas have been broadly deployed on public safety fleets, notably in support of the leading FirstNet public safety broadband network systems. They are also ideal for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and Industrial IoT applications. 

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Published in Police Fleet Manager, Nov/Dec 2018

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