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Law and Order

Law and Order provides information that can be directly applied to law enforcement operations by agency managers to improve their specific areas of interest with a realistic and practical approach to solving a department's problems. Law and Order offers a variety of mediums for research and reference, from up-to-date information on new technologies, to proven community relations programs.

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Tactical Response

Tactical Response provides tactical and patrol officers with up-to-date information on products and tactics. All articles are written by current or retired tactical officers or subject matter experts, and the magazines editor is team leader for a multi-agency response team. Tactical Response provides articles that will assist teams at every level to facilitate growth and training, while reviewing current data and products.

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Police Fleet Manager

Police Fleet Manager writers are on top of current developments, often driving patrol vehicles in the early stages of development and testing vehicle accessories before they are officially released. This gives the readers of Police Fleet Manager a unique perspective on what works on the street, what improves uptime and what helps the police response.

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Public Safety IT

Currently under reconstruction.  Check back later. 

Public Safety IT
- Technology solutions for emergency management & homeland security: fire, police, EMS, justice and communications. Join the fastest growing public safety publication... focusing on the complex and evolving needs of law enforcement, fire and rescue, corrections and justice agencies!
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