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Upfit FAQ for Chevrolet Police Vehicles, Part 3

This is the third in a series of answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) concerning features, function and upfitting of the 2008 Chevrolet Impala (9C1 or 9C3) and Tahoe 2WD (PPV) police package vehicles and Tahoe 4WD (5W4) special service vehicle. For Part 1, which appeared in the March-April 2008 issue of Police Fleet Manager, go to and check the Article Archive under the Resources dropdown menu. Part 2 appeared in the May-June 2008 issue.

Before beginning an upfit, detailed information can be found on two Web sites. First, try, linking to “Government” to find the GM Fleet and Commercial Law Enforcement Vehicles. Second, go to for Dealer Direct Order of useful non-OEM police vehicle wiring and equipment features. Information at these sites includes wiring diagrams, airbag deployment zone dimensions and operation descriptions. The information at these sites is also available on free CDs by calling GM Fleet and Commercial Sales at (800) 353-3867.

Each Impala and Tahoe emergency vehicle package is assembled and delivered to a Chevrolet dealer with an Owner’s Manual Supplement in the glove box or in the accessory package containing wheel trim. These supplements are sometimes removed from the vehicle by the customer agency upon delivery.

If the booklet is not found in the vehicle, we recommend that upfitters attempt to obtain a copy of it before starting an upfit to take advantage of the detailed information provided. The standard and available options in GM law enforcement vehicles are designed to provide the same upfitting provision for the Impala and the Tahoe with certain exceptions between the sedan and SUV for wire color or function.

Question 6:

Where are the 12-volt battery power supply relays and breakers?


A picture of the relay and fuse module is shown in the Owners Manual Supplement and the online service Web site. The relay and fuse module for the Impala is attached to the instrument panel support frame just inboard of the steering column shaft. Access to the module is from below the inboard driver side instrument panel. The Tahoe relay and fuse center is mounted forward of the glove box on a bracket attached to the right-hand instrument panel support frame. Access to the module is gained by releasing the glove box integral stop tab and lowering the box assembly down to hang on its hinge.

Question 7:

I have a GM vehicle that is not a police package. How can I turn off the daytime running lights?


GM model year 2006 and later cars and trucks in the United States have headlamp switches with a momentary position that turns off the daytime running lights (DRL) and automatic headlamps (AHL) for one ignition cycle. The DRL cannot be turned off in Canada since this feature is required by law (Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 108).

The DRL and AHL can be disabled in most GM vehicles for use in the U.S. Take the vehicle to a GM dealer along with a written request on an agency letterhead asking that the DRL be disabled. The request must include the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and a statement that the feature(s) will be made operational before disposal or sale. The dealer will call the GM Technical Support Line to request the necessary vehicle calibration information and perform the operation to disable the feature. The dealer will also retain a file recording the VIN and feature(s) that have been changed.

Note that 2006-2008 Impala Police and Tahoe police and special service packages can have the DRL and AHL disabled by requesting a dealer to activate “DRL/AHL Delete,” Option Code 9G8, using the foregoing procedure and written request. For new vehicle orders, you can include Option Code 9G8.

Question 8:

Is there a tire pressure monitor in the Impala mini-spare tire?


No. Only the Impala full-size spare tire, Option Code N81, is equipped with a tire pressure monitor (TPM). The TPM system does not sense the spare tire until it is mounted at one of the four wheel positions. A full-size spare tire is standard equipment for the Tahoe. Only the Tahoe police package (Option Code PPV) spare tire has a TPM. The Tahoe special service package (Option Code 5W4) does not have a TPM in the spare tire. The vehicle owner’s manual describes the method for calibrating the TPM system when the spare tire is mounted at a wheel position.

Published in Police Fleet Manager, Jul/Aug 2008

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