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2016 Police Vehicle Design Contest Winners

First and foremost, a police vehicle’s design should be about safety and identification. Agencies’ designs have also begun incorporating state, county and regional symbols, mission statements and mottos to represent the communities they serve, and even URLs, QR codes for smartphones, and social media logos.

The 2016 contest was judged based on the integrity of the designs submitted, as well as how each design met the criteria as outlined in the contest guidelines. LAW and ORDER would like to thank all the departments that submitted entries for the 2016 contest.

This year’s contest was judged by one law enforcement professional and one industry professional: Sgt. Rich Ryan, Park Ride, Ill. Police Department; and Kerry Zarobsky, Director of Sales, Police Department Systems, an emergency vehicle upfitter in Chicagoland.

The 2016 Vehicle Design judges focused on the safety of the officer driving and the ability to identify the automobile as a law enforcement vehicle. The overall appearance of the vehicle was, of course, factored into the results. The judges looked for departmental symbols, names in easy-to-read lettering, a badge, shield or community seal, emergency phone numbers, and websites. For visibility, the judges looked for reflective tape/graphics and decals.



Gloucester Township Police Department

Blackwood, NJ


The Gloucester Township Police Department’s (GTPD) Technical Services Unit is an integral part of the agency, responsible for all of the technology utilized including repair, installation, transport, and overall maintenance. This vehicle wrap design was chosen by members of this unit to include equipment they use as well as highlighting some social media to the public. The overall wrap design was made to attract the eye of the community over the traditional police car image.


Judges’ comments: Wow! This is a very artistic design. We love the camera and building graphics as well as the social media logos. This vehicle is well-marked for Technical Services Unit. Just like the graphic on it, a big thumbs up!  



Dunbar Police Department

Dunbar, WV


Dunbar Police Department chose this design because of the way it looks and ‘pops’ during the day. They chose the black, grey, and white color scheme due to the old Dunbar High School colors. Reflective material was used; everyone in the department was instrumental in the design from the patrolman to the captain.


Judges’ comments: We like the dark-to-light gradient on the POLICE lettering, and the white striping on the black is sharp. It’s a clean, easy-to-read graphic design.



Village of New Knoxville Police Department

Auglaize County, OH


The Village of New Knoxville Police Department replaced a 2006 Chevy Impala with a 2015 Ford Utility Police Interceptor. The graphics were picked and purchased through They are made from a 3M vinyl. They have had a lot of positive feedback from the community on the new style and look of the police car.


Judges’ comments: The different tones of grey in the POLICE lettering are unique. We also like the shading in the striping and shield logo.



City of High Point

High Point, NC


Gary Smith, Fleet Director, Lieutenant Al Ferguson and Officer Brandon Land spearheaded the proposal. The blue stripe is an updated, more modern version of the stripe their cars carried for years. The badge was meticulously redrawn with greater detail and color for higher visibility. The word POLICE is displayed in bold ‘High Point Blue’ letters to match the stripe. Their shoulder patch and ghost graphic chevrons were added to the front and rear outside bumpers. All graphics are made from 3M highly reflective material adding to the overall safety and visibility of the car.


Judges’ comments: The two-tone blue is a nice accent; the POLICE lettering is prominent. The chevrons on the back look like ghost graphics and we like the placement of the patch.



Eagle County Sheriff’s Office

Eagle, CO


Sheriff James Van Beek took office in January of 2015. He and his staff worked closely with a vehicle graphics supplier to come up with a new ‘updated and fresh’ look for the agency while remaining in touch with tradition. In recent years, they went with the ‘low profile’ or stealth chevrons on the rear bumper for night time rear end safety. They decided to go for more of a high-visibility look for the rear end to provide a higher level of safety during both day and night.


Judges’ comments: The back chevrons are excellent for rear warning. We also like the star on the front fender and the striping that goes from the roof to the bottom of the car.




First Place

New York Police Department

New York, NY


The NYPD has a Bear Mobile Adjustable Ramp Vehicle. It is used by their Emergency Service Unit and is capable of deploying of 16 officers. It is armored and can be used in high-risk response situations. It has a ramp, which can reach high stories of buildings and is able to respond to situations of group evacuations such as hostage situations. It is an ideal vehicle used to protect the citizens of New York City at a time of heightened security.


Judges’ comments: This vehicle is impressive! The lighting and graphics plus the equipment make it one intimidating command vehicle.


Second Place

Tennessee Highway Patrol

Nashville, TN


The current design of the Tennessee Highway Patrol’s (THP) vehicle decals display the map of Tennessee and was chosen as a tie-in with the state. The color pattern was selected to clearly identify the patrol vehicle as a THP patrol vehicle. The breakup of color allows for clear identification. It is unique to THP in Tennessee. The graphics are reflective to enhance visibility and safety. The Department of Safety Commissioner, Colonel, along with the department’s legal office was involved in 1992 with the vehicle design. The design of THP decals displays three stripes, which represent the three regions of the state: east, middle, and west. The state map has Tennessee written in the center of the map along the driver and passenger front doors.


Judges’ comments: The color scheme is easily recognizable. We like how the TENNESSEE lettering is inside the shape of the state and the gold trim is a nice accent.  


Third Place

Rockledge Police Department

Rockledge, FL


This graphic concept was designed by the Crime Scene Unit and a graphics company. The graphics embody the Rockledge Police patrol car scheme with the fingerprint design, which highlights the specific unit. The colors of the graphics are the standard police blue, but also mimic the high school’s color along with the city being located between the St. Johns River and the Indian River. The 3M 680 reflective material was used for visibility and officer safety at night, along with its durability.


Judges’ comments: The fingerprint graphic is iconic to the unit. The blue/silver color scheme is crisp, clean and the CRIME SCENE UNIT lettering is bold.    




First Place

Gainesville Police Department

Gainesville, FL


The Drug and Firearms /K9 Awareness Program, S.N.A.P. (Stop Now And Plan), and G.R.E.A.T. (Gang Resistance And Education Training) are all programs highlighted on this vehicle. This vehicle shows the Gainesville community that the agency is willing to ‘think outside of the box’ and embrace new ideas, new programs, and even a new look in order to find ways to reach out to the community and let them know they are willing to change with the times to keep up with the needs of the citizens.


Judges’ comments: They incorporated everything into this design: GREAT, SNAP, K9, etc. We like how the unique blue and white gradient fades, and the shield on the hood is a nice accent.


Second Place

Monmouth County Sheriff's Office

Freehold, NJ


A design was created and approved by a committee of officers and command staff, vendors contacted, prices reviewed and the Hummer cleaned, wrapped and ready for its new role in Special Operations. The non-reflective graphics represents Honor, Integrity and Pride, it includes each of the divisions of the Sheriff’s Office including Law Enforcement, Corrections, Communications, OEM and the Police Academy, visually reminding the public of the multi-faceted public safety services provided by the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office.


Judges’ comments: This vehicle was donated by a member of the community, and it is very patriotic with the flag, star badge, logos. 


Third Place

Ninety Six Police Department

Ninety Six, SC


Ninety Six PD wanted a SRO car to represent the Ninety Six Police Department with pride and school spirit. Reserve Patrol Officer Brian Sill and Chief Chris Porter collaborated together. A white 2014 Dodge Charger was the car chosen. The decal design package colors are primarily maroon and gold, the school colors. A reflective package was chosen, so they could stand out at night as well as the day. The school mascot is the Wildcat and was incorporated into the design as well. The design is professional but appeals to their sense of school spirit and to the local teenagers.


Judges’ comments: This vehicle shows total support of the local school with the mascot graphic and the school colors. The maroon on white with gold accent is unique.




First Place

Tennessee Highway Patrol

Nashville, TN


The current design of the Tennessee Highway Patrol’s (THP) vehicle decals display the map of Tennessee; this was chosen as a tie-in with the state. The color pattern was selected to clearly identify the patrol vehicle as a THP patrol vehicle; it is unique to THP in Tennessee. The breakup of color allows for clear identification. The graphics are reflective to enhance visibility and safety. The design of THP decals displays three stripes, which represent the three regions of the state: east, middle and west.


Judges’ comments: The city seal really looks ‘retro’ along with the ‘gumball’ light on top. The two-tone color scheme and STATE TROOPER lettering are iconic to the Tennessee Highway Patrol.


Second Place

New York Police Department

Woodside, NY


The NYPD used this color scheme from 1940 to 1972. The roof was painted white to keep the interiors cool due to these cars not being equipped with air conditioning. The trunk was painted white to give the car better visibility from the rear. The green color was selected back when cars were first offered in color with the NYPD selecting green as a traditional NYPD color. The fenders remained black as when cars were first offered in color the fenders were still black.

This 1972 Plymouth is an original NYPD RMP that was taken out of service in the 1980s and preserved. This is NOT A REPLICATED CAR. It is fully road worthy and is often driven throughout New York City for display at special events.


Judges’ comments: This is a standard retro police vehicle from back in the day.




First Place

Georgia State University Police Department

Atlanta, GA


Georgia State University Police Department welcomed new motorcycles in 2014 to their motor unit, two brand new Honda ST1300 motorcycles. Major A. Coleman took the graphic design feature on Dodge’s advertisement for new Chargers into consideration. The design was accepted and approved by command staff and the graphics were made in-house and installed by 144 Marketing Fleet in Peachtree City, Ga. The department takes great pride in their accreditations they have achieved and displays them on the side panels of the bikes. The blue background with the white lettering represents the school colors.


Judges’ comments: The lighting package is impressive on this motorcycle, and the blue/white color scheme gives it a clean look.


Second Place

New York Police Department

New York, NY


The New York City Police Department has used Harley Davidson Motorcycles for many years. This is the latest version with traditional NYPD markings. The NYPD Harley Davidson motorcycle is seen all over New York City especially during Presidential and Dignitary escorts.


Judges’ comments: Great lighting in the back and we like the color scheme. An overall nice-looking graphics package with the NYPD motor officer logo on it.  


Third Place

Apex Police Department

Apex, NC


The graphic design is highly reflective and covers the new BMW motor unit very well as this enhances officer safety for the motor officer in all traffic conditions. The design on the motor unit is consistent with their fleet of Ford SUVs, which was determined to be a 2015 award-winning design. It’s a clear head-turner for citizens and is even complimented by motorists who are pulled over by the operating officer.


Judges’ comments: We love the LED lighting on the mirrors. The graphics are nice, clean… We would even say pretty!   




First Place

Rockledge Police Department

Rockledge, FL


Rockledge PD’s Humvee has been made to look like their patrol vehicles. This unit is used for search and rescue operations, parades, and other community events. The colors of the graphics are the standard police blue, but also mimic the high school’s color along with the city being located between the St. Johns River and the Indian River. The 3M 680 reflective material was used for visibility and officer safety at night, along with its durability.


Judges’ comments: This overall graphic design is unique; we love the badge and shield on the back. The blue/grey color scheme looks sharp!


Second Place

City of Lancaster Police Department

Lancaster, KY


The shades of blue, white, grey, and black were selected as they best represent local police colors in this area. Heavy blue and white was used to mimic the colors of the University of Kentucky wildcats, due to their close proximity to Lexington, Ky. The graphics were conceived by Officer Ryan Hughes with input from Chief Rodney Kidd and designed by Scott Kennedy of New Horizon Graphic Co. All graphics are made of high-intensity reflective material.


Judges’ comments: The shield and American flag on the side are great. The color scheme is all Kentucky. It is well-marked and the Wounded Warrior graphic on the back is a nice touch.


Third Place

Easton Police Department

Easton, MD


After going to an all-black vehicle, Easton PD identified an opportunity to instill a greater, bolder look. The design complements the department’s Class A uniform. The stripe on the trousers is the same as that on the vehicles. The stripes, patch decal, and lettering all coordinate in a bold fashion. The colors are powerful against the black background causing the vehicles to stand out. All of the yellow/gold lettering is reflective and runs across the length of the vehicle, allowing greater visibility at night.


Judges’ comments: Although this is a smaller UTV, we like how they marked it all the way around. The chevrons on the frame are highly visible and the yellow color pops on the black.




First Place

Mexico Beach Police Department

Mexico Beach, FL


The city’s newest vehicle was marked with the newly designed, reflective graphics. The design was the idea of Chief Norris who also serves in the United States Army. He requested the graphics include a patriotic theme. This is why a waving American flag was added into the design. Inside the word POLICE, is an actual photo of the famous Mexico Beach sunset, which is the pride of the small beach community. This design was hand-drawn and created specifically for the agency by Scotland Yard Design Concepts.


Judges’ comments: We really like how they incorporated the flag and sunset into the design; it’s different and unique. A great overall graphics package!


Second Place

Mahomet Police Department

Mahomet, IL


This vehicle is a 2015 Chevrolet SSV that is used for patrol. Element Graphics incorporated all the lettering, American flag, and traditional black-and-white color scheme into a graphic. The ‘Blue Line’ and their badge was also incorporated into the design and on the rear window. The final draft was voted on by several officers and the Chief of Police.


Judges’ comments: Really nice graphics and color scheme with the red and black.  We like how the name of the town is on it but the POLICE lettering still stands out… And it’s patriotic! 


Third Place

Midway Police Department

Midway, FL


The vehicle shown is one of Midway PD’s newest vehicles. Each vehicle displays the custom police officer badge along with the bold POLICE lettering to catch the eyes of citizens and visitors. The chief also wanted to display the ‘Thin Blue Line’ on each vehicle to show support of fellow officers around the world as well as display a known symbol between the law and those who break it. The vehicles are all reflective and are hand-designed by Scotland Yard Design Concepts.


Judges’ comments: The letter P going over the shield looks cool. The black with silver color scheme is sharp. The mirrors have good lighting, too.


Honorable Mention

Ninety Six Police Department

Ninety Six, SC


Reserve Patrol Officer Brian Sill and Chief Chris Porter collaborated together. A black 2014 Dodge Charger was the car chosen. The decal design package colors are primarily bright blue and white. They wanted a design and lettering that would stand out in the day, as well as at night. A reflective package was chosen. Here in Ninety Six, S.C., the Star Fort is a site of unique historical significance, and a holder of two American Revolutionary War records.


Judges’ comments: We like how they used the indentation in the Charger body with the design. The color scheme is eye-catching and the patch on the quarter panel is a nice touch.  




First Place

Valley View Police Department

Valley View, OH


Valley View PD had a changing of the guard in 2011. The department was progressively changing their image to reflect their newly focused approach to serving their community. The black Dodge Charger along with the highly reflective gold logo embodied that new image, which was collectively designed from the top brass to the patrol officer. Valley View is a village by design, with a bit of country in its soul.  


Judges’ comments: The black/gold color scheme is eye-catching. We like the striping around the wheel well and the gold reflectives.


Second Place

Lincolnton Police Department

Lincolnton, NC


The Lincolnton PD’s vehicle committee chose the Dodge Charger as their new vehicle. All members of the committee wanted a fresh graphic design. A common theme was a two-color stripe that went from the front of the vehicle to the rear. Ultimately, a black and gold reflective stripe was chosen to match the shoulder patches. In addition, the committee chose to use the badge instead of the city seal. Light-N-Up made three drawings using the committee’s ideas. A tie breaking vote selected the final design.


Judges’ comments: The POLICE lettering is bold and the two-tone gold and black colors stand out. The black and white doors look cool and we like how they incorporated the badge in the striping.  


Third Place

Holmes Beach Police Department

Holmes Beach, FL


The Holmes Beach Police Department is the largest agency on Anna Maria Island. The City of Holmes Beach has changed in recent years from a residential area to a nationally recognized vacation destination. This design was implemented shortly after Chief William L Tokajer was hired as Police Chief. The Chief was looking to update their graphics that related to their beach community. Reflective material was used to give better visibility during the night hours.


Judges’ comments: The ocean wave graphic with the name of the city flows well with the design of the vehicle and fits the community lifestyle. The POLICE lettering is easy to read.




First Place

Kentwood Police Department

Kentwood, LA


Chief Michael P. Kazerooni, Sr. took office in January 2015; he made it his personal mission to change the image of the police department, as well as change the mindset and attitudes of the officer, thereby boosting morale. First order of business was to secure four new Chargers. Chief Kazerooni incorporated the thin blue line concept in the design of the vehicles, as well as the new chief’s badge. He took those ideas to Central Graphics in Louisiana. All decals were made with reflective vinyl, for high visibility. The most important aspect of the design is the slogan “Preserve, Protect, Promote the quality of life.”


Judges’ comments: The striping is incorporated into the body of the Charger well. The brown/blue/white color scheme is unique and we like the badge as well.


Second Place

Pinole Police Department

Pinole, CA


The Pinole Police Department changed its appearance with new vehicle graphics, new patches, new badge styling, and new uniforms. The graphics chosen by the vehicle design committee are functional because the still provide a contrast on an all grey vehicle while going away from the traditional outdated black-and-white color scheme. This vehicle is a 2007 Dodge Charger with the 5.7 liter Hemi motor. It has the department motto, “Engaging the Community” substituted with the acronym H.I.T.E which stands for High Intensity Traffic Enforcement. The most significant part of this vehicles styling is the reflective yet subdued black lettering and striping.


Judges’ comments: The silver and black colors on the lettering are sharp; you don’t see the silver color all over very often. It is clean-looking.


Third Place

Peculiar Police Department

Peculiar, MO


The blue and POLICE transition color effect carries over a little bit from the most recent graphics kit used. Both the previous white and black/white vehicles utilized the badge graphic. The badge utilized on this new scheme is of the same design as past vehicles, but it was decided that the size of the badge should fall somewhere between the ones used in the past.


Judges’ comments: The color gradient in POLICE lettering is unique, as well as the striping with the badge. The blue and black on white gives a professional look.




First Place

Kernersville Police Department

Kernersville, NC


This design was created by Captain T.C. Leonard of the Support Services Bureau of the Kernersville Police Department and Will Mabe, Fleet Manager. The intent of the design was to enhance the image of the previous design and make it more modern. The word POLICE was used in large print on the sides of the vehicle and it has also been placed on the front and back. All decals on the vehicle are reflective except for the black. The badge was created with a 3D look and multiple colors incorporated into the design.


Judges’ comments: We like how the black/blue/silver striping goes up the side of the vehicle. The font used for POLICE lettering is different; it catches your eye. 


Second Place

City of Fairfax Police Department

Fairfax, VA


The City of Fairfax Police Department chose this particular graphic design as an update to their current model. The reflective blue and black stripes run along the side of the vehicle, indicative of the thin blue line of protection, which law enforcement provides the community. The blue stripe becomes thinner as it as it approaches the rear of the vehicle and is meant to serve as a sign of movement and action, while the font associated with the lettering provides for a clean and professional appearance. The name of the agency with the words POLICE standing bold and proud, coupled with the department badge shaded in black with the Seal of the City, adds to the graphics design.


Judges’ comments: The POLICE lettering is big and bold. The graphic design covers the whole car and the blue and white colors give it a crisp, clean look.


Third Place

Titusville Police Department

Titusville, FL


The Titusville Police Department vehicle colors were chosen to represent a classic look. The stripe along the side increases in height as it goes down the vehicle to represent the department’s progressive approach to policing. Reflective lettering was chosen for a bold look at nighttime, but the black stripe along the doors is not reflective as to help the POLICE lettering and reflective border stand out.


Judges’ comments: The colorful patch stands out and the vehicle is well-marked. The graphic design is sleek with clean lines.  




First Place

Northglenn Police Department

Northglenn, CO


Northglenn Police Department staff consulted with a local design team to incorporate the original police shield, designed by the chief, with a new vehicle look. The police shield already incorporated aspects of the city logo, so the shield and the city name represented Northglenn. Design ideas focused on police, safety, and the community. A large blue line in the middle of a black car was proposed to represent the solidarity among officers and to symbolize the relationship of the police in the community as the protectors of the citizenry from the criminal element. Safety was then addressed by making all logo material reflective for visibility to protect the police and for easy identification to the community.


Judges’ comments: The addition of “A community partnership” under the POLICE lettering is a nice touch. The color scheme and city logo make up a great design.


Second Place

Georgetown Police Department

Georgetown, TX


One of the most prominent aspects of the vehicle graphics package is the eagle, shield, and star device. The eagle represents the state of vigilance as expressed in Georgetown PD’s mission statement. The five stripes in the shield represent core values of professionalism, leadership, accountability, teamwork, and integrity. The star represents the great State of Texas. The design of the vehicle represents a collaboration between the Chief of Police and an in-house graphic designer.


Judges’ comments: The lettering is very prominent and we like what it says: “Duty. Honor. Community.” This vehicle is highly visible and the shield is a nice addition.


Third Place

Flagstaff Police Department

Flagstaff, AZ


This car was chosen to help support and recognize cancer awareness. The command staff and fleet management were involved in making the design decision. The graphics are reflective for officers to be seen on the roadway yet still raise awareness. The design ties in with the Flagstaff PD’s community as they partnered with the hospital oncology department to place its logo on for citizens to obtain the number if they have questions on cancer or are a patient.


Judges’ comments: This vehicle supports breast cancer awareness with the pink color. The mountains in the striping are subtle yet a nice touch.




First Place

Marquette County Sheriff's Office

Montello, WI


In 2011, Sheriff Gaffney requested the input of the patrol staff for a new design. They went with the dark gold and flat black design to have a classy and professional look. They also donned matching gold chevrons on the rear of the squads and incorporated their seven-point star and SHERIFF in large bold letters. 3M reflective material was used. Their newest squad is a K9 Tahoe, used on a regular basis for community events and is a centerpiece for the community.


Judges’ comments: The reflective graphics, including the badge on the side, stand out, as do the chevrons on the rear of the vehicle. It is well-marked, very visible. The paw prints are great, too!


Second Place

Thayer County Sheriff's Office

Hebron, NE


The design was chosen due to the change in the body on the 2011-2014 Chargers. Reflective material was chosen to help make the car more visible at night working traffic stops and vehicle accidents on the highways in the county. The Sheriff, Sergeant, and Deputy, along with the local graphic company all played a part in the design of the car. The design has the three county schools listed on the upper driver side quarter panel.


Judges’ comments: This vehicle is well-marked on the side and we like the color scheme. The chevrons on the rear make it visible. The logos on the side are a nice touch, too.


Third Place

Mayes County Sheriff’s Office

Pryor, OK


The colors where chosen because of the traditional black and white representative of a law enforcement unit. The reflective words are for visual safety and recognition at nighttime. The whole department voted on the design and picked this one. The map on the door allows the public to know the borders/boundaries of the county. The most overall aspect of the design is the visual awareness for public safety.


Judges’ comments: The striping across the hood and the county map on the side are both unique. The additional lighting by the plates are helpful. 




First Place

Summit County Sheriff’s Office

Park City, UT


Summit County Sheriff created the design to provide a fresh look to their fleet that incorporates the mountainous community and also to pay respect to the fallen (Thin Blue Line). The design includes a white and silver mountainscape to reflect their heavy snowfall/winter beauty. The badge was done in a discreet way to promote approachability with the community. The mountains, the blue line, and lettering are all reflective. Also, on the rear, reflective safety stripes were added.


Judges’ comments: The mountain graphic and color scheme combine to make this one sharp-looking, clean design.


Second Place

Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office

Mount Vernon, MO


The Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office was awarded this vehicle because of its efforts in combating impaired driving in Lawrence County. They used the black-and-white traditional color scheme with the gold lettering to make the vehicle visible with the reflective lettering at night and also provide extra visibility for deputies working at night. They display an American flag as well as their national motto “In God We Trust” on both sides of the vehicle. The vehicle is primarily used during DWI enforcement operations but can be used for others as well.


Judges’ comments: The gold/black/white colors really come out at you, yet it is a clean-looking design. The star emblem is big and bold.


Third Place

Cowlitz County Sheriff's Office

Kelso, WA


Sheriff Nelson and Sergeant Corey Huffine designed the graphic design in 2011. Our previous markings were just two straight green lines angled across the door with a star. The new design keeps with the theme of the double stripe that has been on the Sheriff’s cars for decades. The new design is more modern-looking and fun. This 2015 Chevy Tahoe is one of two using the same design but Sheriff Nelson picked the ghost graphic reflective material.


Judges’ comments: The ghost graphics are very nice and are very reflective at night. The striping flows well throughout the body of the vehicle.   




First Place

Dickson County Sheriff’s Office

Charlotte, TN


The Dickson County Sheriff’s Office had its previous graphic design for 20 years. The Sheriff, Chief Deputy, and administration staff along with a few deputies reviewed several designs and with the help of a local graphics shop, Dickson Graphics, they chose this one. This design is a reflective graphic that helps with clear identification and added safety at night. The green color was chosen as it historically identifies a Tennessee Sheriff patrol car. From the very beginning, they wanted a clean, free-flowing, professional-looking design.


Judges’ comments: This is a one-of-a-kind graphic design with the green in the striping and lettering. The star/badge/shield are a nice touch, too.


Second Place

Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office

Syracuse, NY


Sheriff Conway was newly elected into office Jan. 1, 2015 and wanted to introduce a new patrol vehicle including a new simple exterior look for decals. He chose a Ford PI Utility vehicle and from there, they hired a local decal shop to help us design a layout. They wanted to maintain the gold color of the Sheriff’s Office that is used in their seven-point star and to make sure the vehicle was highly visible during both day and night so they used a reflective material.


Judges’ comments: We like how the striping is broken up and the use of chevrons. The gold on black pops and is sharp-looking.  


Third Place

Orange County Sheriff’s Office

Goshen, NY


The Orange County design was a collaborative effort that started with former Chief Investigator Greg Gaetano and current Sergeant Dustin Palen in an effort to come up with a new design for their vehicles to coincide with a change of uniforms from a class A style to a muted Class B Uniform. They wanted to make SHERIFF a focal point of the vehicle and to add the shield as part of the design. There is a white reflective stripe that starts from the front of the vehicle and it fades to black reflective at the rear of the vehicle. Within this stripe is Orange County and 911. On the front and the rear of the vehicle is DEPUTY SHERIFF and the rear of the vehicle has white reflective hash marks to aid in visibility to the rear of the vehicle. The roof of each vehicle has the unit number to assist air units in identifying their patrol vehicles.


Judges’ comments: The three-tone color scheme looks good; we like how the SHERIFF lettering is faded with the gradient. We also like how the shield is incorporated. The mostly black car looks stealthy!




First Place

University of Central Florida Police Department

Orlando, FL


A committee of police administrators, including the Deputy Chiefs, the Patrol Lieutenant, the Fleet Manager, Community Relations Officers, and the Public Information Officer, convened to select campus photos that showcase UCF as unique and contemporary. A team from Technowraps incorporated the photos into an eye-catching car design. The driver’s side of the vehicle features a photo of UCF’s iconic Reflection Pond and administration building, while the passenger’s side displays UCF’s Bright House Networks Stadium during a nighttime football game. The hood features the department’s challenge coin, while the rest of the vehicle is trimmed in black and gold, the school colors.


Judges’ comments: The college reflection pond on one side and the stadium on the other side of the vehicle are very artistic. We also like the color scheme as well as the shield on the hood and the school mascot.


Second Place

University of Virginia Police Department

Charlottesville, VA


All University of Virginia Police patrol personnel were involved in voting on this new design. A new design was desired to increase visibility in the community, enhanced professional appearance, and to better distinguish police vehicles from security and other service vehicles. They utilized the blue and orange to tie into University of Virginia colors. Reflective materials and the word POLICE were used on all four sides. The design even incorporates a custom, color matched reflective CALEA decal.


Judges’ comments: This is a sleek graphic design and the POLICE lettering is bold and reflective at night. Black on white with gold accent looks classy.


Third Place

Furman University Police Department

Greenville, SC


The University Police Department reached out to the Art Department and participated in a class project of redesigning the police vehicle fleet. The purple and white colors represent the university colors, the black and white of the vehicle stand out and allow for campus police officers to easily be seen while on patrol. Within the purple are words identified by students that describe the university police officers. Words such as honor, integrity, valor, and so on.


Judges’ comments: Great use of the school colors with purple, which you don’t see very often. The wording in the striping is unique, too.





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Posted on : Sep 8 at 6:38 PM By Chicagoland Upfitter

Not sure I agree with judges on the 10 and under choice. I think the MPD vehicle shows more spirit and flash over entire vehicle. Not just small decal over doors.


Posted on : Sep 8 at 6:38 PM By Chicagoland Upfitter

Not sure I agree with judges on the 10 and under choice. I think the MPD vehicle shows more spirit and flash over entire vehicle. Not just small decal over doors.

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