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Submitting Articles to Hendon Media Group

Please visit our homepage for general information about the magazine and our readership. We are geared toward police management, police supervisors, chiefs, sheriffs, and officers with duties associated with the rank of sergeant and above.

The goal of our publications are to inform, rather than to entertain. The purpose is to improve police operations in the widest sense. For instance, this may be accomplished by informing police departments across the country of a successful program being implemented by one particular police department.

Please give special attention to the Editorial Calendar. Every issue has a Focus topic and a Special Report. These are the topics that are the most critical.

LAW and ORDER Editorial Calendar (pdf)
Police Fleet Manager Editorial Calendar (pdf)
Tactical Response Editorial Calendar (pdf)

We require the hardcopy manuscript, text on disk, and photos eight weeks before the issue cover date. PC format only, please. Mac documents may be e-mailed only. Do not attach document: text must be within the message.

While you do not need to be an active, former, or reserve police officer, you must be able to write in a credible and relevant enough manner to relate to our audience. Prior writing experience is very helpful, but not required. If you have not already done so, please e-mail a resume and a brief but specific summary of your areas of expertise.

Our publications generally avoids union-management issues, hot-button political issues, and sensational-style reporting. We can, however, use "lessons learned" types of articles based on high-profile events.

Our publications pay by the word: $0.10 per word to officers; $0.15 per word to freelance journalists; and $0.25 per word to regular contributors. Manuscripts are to be between 1,800 and 2,400 words. Manuscripts longer than 2,400 words will be returned to the author for shortening prior to being reviewed by the publication staff.

Photos are almost always required with all articles. See the attached photo guidelines. We pay $25 per photo used in a magazine.

We are also looking for writers to cover the ongoing topics of: lap-top computers, traffic radar, police uniforms, bicycle patrol, departmental budgets, grant request writing, forensics, criminal investigations, domestic violence, pursuit driving, racial profiling, drug seizures, drug interdiction, drug eradication, drunk driving enforcement, employee discipline, team building, team leadership, SWAT communications, SWAT tactics, tactical medicine, DNA testing, homicide investigation, hate crimes, gang intelligence, police theory, reserve police officers, recruiting & hiring, auto theft, crowd control, less-than-lethal, physical fitness, and defensive tactics.

Please write in the third person, not first or second person. Please use Times New Roman font.

Please query us via reply e-mail with specific and detailed article ideas keyed to a particular Focus topic or Special Topic. Please submit a wide variety of ideas.

Please adhere to the AP Style in all articles.

Ed Sanow,
Editor, LAW and ORDER Magazine

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