Getting Product Related Articles Published
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Getting Product Related Articles Published

Step 1

Read the magazine to get a feel for how the articles are written.

Step 2

Notice that articles are not written from a manufacturer's perspective - but exemplified by helpful departmental case studies with real solutions, objective equipment, and service recommendations.

Step 3

Consider your audience and be objective. Law enforcement management can see through a transparent "advertorial" quickly. Both the reader and the advertiser suffer from that style of editorial.

Step 4

Call your customers and seek a department that is using your product or service effectively. Approach the department to inquire with them about writing a story.

Step 5

Study our editorial calendar to determine which issue you think the article would be the most effective in terms of editorial relevance.

Step 6

Plan Ahead. In the publishing industry we are always working on issues months into the future. If you want to try to get an article into the December issue, please send your article submission by the 1st of October. The earlier you send it, the greater the chance of publication. However, if the article becomes dated or antiquated by a later technology or protocol, we will not deem it newsworthy.

Step 7

Exclusivity is very important to us. We will only run your article if it has not appeared or been submitted to other law enforcement magazines. We may also ask that you to refrain from submitting this article to any other magazine for three months after our date of publication.

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