To create the new 500 Series Control System, SoundOff Signal combined the 400 Series Amplifier and the Central Controller, into one unit, creating a control system that has both bluePRINT and siren functions.

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Some key features of the NEW 500 Control System include:
• 100% Programmable…using inputs, outputs, and logic-driven matrices
• 15 Solid-State Fuseless Outputs…that can control all flashing functions
• 5 Relay Driven Outputs…for things like computers, printers, or power distribution harnesses
The solid-state outputs allow for on-the-fly pattern changes, low power functionality, cruise mode functionality, or even something more advanced, where users could have a flash pattern that is flashing over a cruise mode function.
Additionally, users have the ability to control the lightbar by just plugging it right into the 500 Series amplifier. No breakout box! In fact, users can directly connect two lightbars without the need for a breakout box, and each of the lightbars can be independently controlled for enhanced functionality.
If two lightbars are not enough, users still have the option to go back to external type breakout boxes where they can control three or more lightbars. Going this route can also provide additional wire to wire inputs for the bluePRINT system, which offers additional flexibility and function during programming.
Last, the 500 Series Control System also supports the same expansion components just like its predecessor. This means it can fully integrate with bluePRINT Remote Nodes, bluePRINT Link, and bluePRINT Sync.
The NEW 500 Series Control System has many more features, which can be found here: https://soundoffsignal.com/product/500-series-siren/.

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