TOMAR Electronics, a leading manufacturer of high quality emergency warning products and optical preemption systems, is pleased to announce the TOMAR Night 2 Day (N2D) Event, which started July 8, 2019. This is a special promotion of its award-winning Revolution Illumination Series. This “online only” event will feature a special price for pairs of R37, R46 or R79 lamps with the selectable option of spot, flood or a 13 degree tilt down lens.  Prices begin at $199 (for each pair) and that includes shipping. Also featured in the package are connectors for easy installation. Customers may add bezels and gaskets at an incredibly low price. Departments or businesses providing before and after photos of their rigs, will receive a one-time use 40% off coupon code to use in our online store for future purchases (non-promotional). The highly decorated Revolution Series features internal optics for maximum scene illumination without the need to angle light heads, making installation easy. The Revolution Series utilizes several design elements to reduce operating costs for emergency departments and those requiring reliable lighting solutions. The surface mounted series reduces installation costs by utilizing unsealed mounting holes, eliminating stress fractures during installation and maintenance. The patented waterproof design with built-in venting system allows unwanted elements to quickly escape, reducing maintenance and repair costs. The Revolution Series won the Most Innovative Warning and Illumination Product Award from EMS World in 2017 and TOMAR’s Revolution Multi-Function Series (mfR) was recently awarded EMS Today’s Hot Product of 2019. To take advantage of the N2D savings, visit www.tomar.com/n2d.